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I met my current boyfriend through Hayley’s program and I believe the tools and skills I’ve learned from Hayley has helped me create a strong and meaningful connection with him.


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No more confusing and demotivating dating experiences: it’s time to start dating on your terms and feeling seriously confident.

Top dating coach Hayley Quinn works with both men and women and is here to help you to learn to love dating. Learn empowering, modern ways to meet, understand and build healthy relationships with amazing men.

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Understand Him

Tired of confusing (and downright demotivating) dating experiences? Time to really understand what he’s trying to communicate.

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Meet Him

Build your confidence to meet him both online and in real life.

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Love Yourself

Build your confidence, set your intention and hold your standards.

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What’s included in your free video series?

Video 1 will show you why so far you haven’t been able to work out where all the quality guys are. (Hint: you may be asking yourself the wrong question!)


Video 2 shows you 3 simple steps you can take to nonverbally communicate to him, ‘hey buddy, I’m over here!’ and prompt him to start a conversation with you.


Video 3 will unlock the riddle of why he comes on strong one minute, then poof gone the next.

What our customers are saying

“We’re dating!”

“I went to a Hayley Quinn event where I met this lovely guy. Through Hayley’s program I had gotten the confidence and the tools that I needed to really make a meaningful connection with him. Three months later we’re actually now dating and I couldn’t be happier about how things turned out. Quite frankly, two years ago I wouldn’t have thought that it was possible to meet someone like him.”


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“I’ve met an amazing guy!”

“I would like to thank Hayley and all the girls in this group for continuous support, guidance and valuable advice when I needed. I met an amazing guy (on match) and all is going well so far, although only just over a month, but we both feel we have known each other for ages and feel natural and effortless. We deleted our match profiles and met each other’s children and planned more things together.”


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“Hopeful and positive”

“Dear Hayley, Just a note to say thank you so much for today. I have left the session feeling so much more hopeful and positive about the entire dating process. Thank you!”


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Hayley Quinn Who section


Hayley is a leading dating coach, who wants to help you to learn to love dating.

She has previously coached thousands of men and women, meaning she has a unique insight into how you can build successful relationships. She understands that modern dating can be tough, disheartening and tiring… but believes there is another way.

Her goal is to supercharge your confidence and change your process around dating so that you can rediscover your belief that this will happen for you! Then give you the highly practical action steps to go and meet him!

In her professional life Hayley is a brand ambassador for UK Match, a 2 million view TED speaker, and a regular on the BBC, Channel 4, and for Cosmopolitan.

In her personal life Hayley is a happily married mum of one!

Yes he’s actually out there!

Time to get the confidence and motivation you need to finally find him


No… He Really Is Out There

Okay so I know you don’t believe me, but he really does exist. Yes the kind, loving, (and sexy) guy that you deserve. Life doesn’t always make it easy for us to recognise these amazing men when they come along, and maybe it’s been so long without meeting him, that you’re feeling utterly unmotivated to carry on the search.

My goal is to help shift your mindset to create positive expectations about what dating can be like for you. We’re also going to be looking at your current process for selecting and filtering men and work out what’s not working!


Understanding Him

After coaching men and women to improve their dating lives for over a decade, I can say (no surprises here!) that he approaches the whole dating thing differently to you. Why does he come on strong and then disappear? Why did he seem to get cold feet? I can help you understand where he’s coming from, to help you manage your expectations and avoid over analysing.


Get Your Confidence Back

Whether you meet your dream guy tomorrow or next year, what will get you there is feeling good about yourself and the process of dating. If right now you’re struggling to feel motivated to ‘put yourself out there’ again then I want to help you get your mojo back. I also want you to feel really good about yourself – so let’s find a way to date that protects your self esteem.


Spring Clean That Dating Profile

One of the first steps we want to take towards you feeling more confident & abundant is to show you that plenty of amazing guys exist. I want you to switch you on to meeting men in real life, but in the meantime, having a great online dating profile should be an easy win for attracting some great guys. We need to change your method for online dating so it feels like less of a slog, and spring clean your profile to get those super high quality matches.


How To Get Him To Approach You In Real Life

In two seconds of meeting him in person you will know whether you want to see him again. Meeting in real life is also an amazing way of standing out to him as someone special. You would be amazed at all the places you visit in everyday life where you can meet great men (I should know, I met my husband at the gym!!) For years I’ve taught women how to get the men they want to approach them in real life.


How To Message Men

What do you reply when he makes his messages too sexual too soon? What do you do when it’s 4 hours before the date, and he cancels? How do you subtly flirt via text so he feels excited to meet you? Texting is not only our dominant mode of communication, it’s also a bit of an art form and I want to help you to feel super confident when you hit send.


Creating Loving Boundaries

Knowing how and when to say, ‘no thanks,’ or ‘that’s just not right for me,’ is important not only for dating, but for taking care of yourself. I want to help you to develop loving boundaries, and high standards, for how people treat you. The respect you create for yourself, is only going to make you more attractive.


Making Dating Fun Again

Right now dating might feel like a chore: you may even prefer job hunting to trying to meet a guy. I know it may seem impossible but I want to make dating fun for you again. No more boom bust cycles of falling for a guy only to be disappointed, it’s time to put you back in the driving seat of your dating life.


Becoming Your Most Attractive Self

Feeling good about yourself on a day to day basis is vital for your self esteem. If you’re going on date after date without the spark, then instead of looking outwards to meet a new kind of guy, it’s time to look to how you can feel sexier. I really believe our ability to feel the spark starts with us: so let’s work to rebuild your sense of feeling sexy & confident.


Choosing Him

Commitment isn’t a milestone to race towards, it’s something you offer to a man who really deserves it. You need to swap out of the, ‘how do I get him to commit?’ mindset and start trusting that with the right action steps he’ll be the one who is asking you for commitment.

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