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UNITE is the first online learning program of its kind to bring men and women together. You’ll receive over 100 detailed video modules taking you through every step of how to meet, message and date high-quality men. Plus you can also choose to ‘flip the perspective’ and watch the equal and opposite module we teach to our male clients! If you want to learn from wherever you are in the world, and truly understand what men want, UNITE is the program for you.

Hayley Quinn


As a dating coach for men and women, I am able to see both sides of the story. Great men and women miss out on each other every day: due to misunderstandings, poor communication and not knowing how to create attraction.  

I believe that men and women are CO-CREATORS of great relationships. That means to you as a man whilst I want to teach you about how to build attraction with her, I also want to show you how to look out for women who are trying equally as hard to meet you. 

UNITE is the only course that teaches you all you need to know about how to get a girlfriend and lifts the lid on the equal and opposite modules I’m teaching her about how to meet you. 

Are you ready for 100% honest, transparent and ethical dating advice?

Then let’s UNITE

Hayley Quinn


An entirely new process for attracting women

New Knowledge

Gain an unparalleled insight into what she’s thinking and feeling.

Better Insights

No more lines, gimmicks or dubious advice: learn alongside the women you want to meet.

Higher Standards

Raise your standards for the women you build relationships with.

The power of bringing

Men and Women together

Unite Men

Brings men and women together

See both sides of the story

Understand her fully

100+ Insanely Detailed Modules

Our Most Innovative Programme

Unite Men

The first course of it’s kind

Inside her mind… revealed

Get full access to the EQUAL and OPPOSITE modules we teach women about how to meet you: you will get total transparency.

Truly understand her

UNITE is so powerful because it allows you to not only learn how to get a girlfriend, but what your future girlfriend might be doing to meet you.

Excel at being a modern man

Dating success isn’t just about what you bring to the table: it’s about how well you relate, communicate and understand her


Your New Online Dating Journey Starts Here

Jam-packed with 100+ hours of step by step videos and exclusive content


Let go of your fear off rejection

Get into the right mindset with dating and move past your excuses. No more seeing an amazing woman walk on by.


Signs she wants you to approach her

High-quality visual demonstrations of how women create opportunities for you to approach them: don’t miss any more signals!


Simple ways to say hello to her

Get simple and natural conversation starters to make talking to her easy: no more getting stuck in your head for what to say.


Never run out of the things to say

Develop new conversation skills so you can communicate your value to her and have memorable conversations.


Plan sparky dates to make her want round 2

Discover how to plan an amazing date: that hits the right notes for her to think ‘hmm he’s interesting’ rather than ‘he’s nice but….’


How to flirt, compliment and initiate the kiss

Receive straightforward pointers on how to create flirtation on your dates. Use our demos to build your confidence with how to instigate physical touch in a way that looks out for her approval.


How to build lasting relationships

Don’t just think about getting her phone number, learn some starting steps in building great relationships too.

…Includes all new bonus content



1-hour long interview with Natural Lifestyles Founder, James Marshall, to teach you how to build a high-value lifestyle.



Leading sex coach, Sarrah Rose, tells you how to improve your experience with her once you’re in the bedroom.



Want a new look for your dates and online dating profile? Our in house stylist is here to give you tips on how to enhance your personal style. 



Listen to our audio library of interviews with single women talking about their experiences of love and dating. 

Get Instant Access to

100+ Hours of Content


100+ hours of detailed videos

Visual demos & audio interviews

PDFs to enhance your learning

Unparalleled insights into what real single women think and want


What our customers are saying

“Hayley is amazing!”

“Hayley is amazing she’s given me so much know-how and confidence…”



“Life-changing in terms of giving me confidence and the know-how to approach…”


London, UK

Are you ready?
Let’s Unite.


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UNITE is first of its kind course which offers you 120 videos spread across 10 chapters. UNITE is creating with the intent to bring men and women together. The video modules will take you through every step of how to meet, message and date high-quality people. Plus you can also choose to ‘flip the perspective’ and watch the equal and opposite module we teach to the opposite gender.

You will be given access to all the modules upon purchase. It is up to you to decide on how fast or slow you will go through the modules. You will also be given cheat sheets that contain advice & homework.

Your login details! And most importantly the willingness to learn to implement your knowledge in practice. As we always say, one ounce of practice is worth tons of theory!

Get instant access when you join online today.

We are happy to offer you 30-day money guaranty on the course. If you find it’s not for you, just email us and we will refund your money in full. No questions asked.