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5 reasons to be happily single this Valentine’s Day

5 reasons to be happily single this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has sprung up again.

February 12, 2015
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Just when you thought you were too cold/ too broke to feel anymore dreary suddenly there are reminders everywhere about love and romance.  V Day is like an Instagram account for love: heavily filtered smoochiness that would send most decent people insane. So if you’re planning to pretend it hasn’t affected you (potentially by hibernating through it) here are some ideas that may make you think `great, I’m single!’ after all.

1.Valentine’s Day in the wrong relationship is a chore.

You resent buying them something. They don’t get you anything. The romantic dinner you shared is a passive-aggressive showdown, underscored by the restaurant full of happy couples around you. As much as it’s a time to think `I can’t live without you’, plenty of people will also be thinking `I can’t deal with this’.

2. People want to make money from Valentine's Day.

Eating out is more expensive (three-course menus only!), card companies have huge profit margins (& chop down trees) and evil dating experts are laughing all the way to the bank (that last bit was a lie). You have to fight to carve V Day out as something that isn’t just commercial, that isn’t just a waste of scarce resources.

3. It’s quite a good time to pull.

Jumping on the cash cow bandwagon are a lot of speed dating/ events/ dating companies looking to organize events where people can meet one another. In recent years these have become less cringe and actually quite creative. `Speed-hating’ (you read that right), and anti-Valentine's Day parties are actually a laugh and a valid place to meet new people.

4. A day to do what the hell you want is never a bad thing.

If you have no plans - BLISS. I love having no plans. How often is it phone’s down, and time to chill? Exactly. No email. No demands. And no boyfriend. Sofa. Wine. Ice Cream. Green Smoothies. Yoga. All the good stuff awaits.

5. This could be your last one...

As a single woman; because when you’re super comfy in your own skin good things happen on the romance front. People come into your life. They surprise you.  

So if you’re in this headspace- WARNING- this could be the last time you’re not sat in a Pizza Express with HIM all night.  

To get into the right headspace for love (which is everything!) head over to my new member's club site to ask me your questions and join the community!

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