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Alone at a Christmas party?

Alone at a Christmas party?

This is a scenario that you may dread but that I want to teach you to LOVE.

December 4, 2014
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If I think back over to the nights where I've had the most fun, met the most people and (yes) probably enjoyed the most flirtation it's definitely been when I've been Billy No Mates. And yes this includes the times when I was single at Christmas party or two.  

So if you're toying with the idea of not going to something because you don't know anyone there I'm going to try to twist your arm in favour of taking a risk with these quick pointers...

1. Since when has anything exciting happened to you when you've stayed at home?

Whilst it would be nice if Gosling could step out of your TV, your chances of meeting him whilst nesting for the evening under a duvet are about zero. Your chances at that party will always be better.

2. Staying stuck in the same old habits

and moving in those dusty old circles is familiar and comforting but a key restraint that will hold you back. He isn't going to be an everyday connection that you make- so you need to have some social momentum.

3. Guys are a little bit timid these days...

so if you're out solo BINGO you're not a loser you're approachable and dashingly confident/ independent. Which are of course very sexy qualities.  

For more tips to get you through the Christmas party junket in one piece and with a few new phone numbers to boot read my other blogs: Merry Christmas (even if you're not feeling it) and A Beginner's Guide To How To Be Alone.  



p.s. just getting my female youtube up and running which you should check out!

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