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Could a feminist dating coach transform your love-life?

Could a feminist dating coach transform your love-life?

What does it mean to flirt with balls?

February 6, 2017
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I recently sat down with the Metro and discussed my 10 tops tips for feminist dating. We had a quick chat about my New Love Philosophy and how it is changing the face of dating. Yes, it involves women saying 'hi' men, and why not? Yes, it's a long-overdue change to the world of dating and yes it's a feminist dating approach.

Here are 10 top feminist dating tips that will change your life!

  1. Start conversations in real life - don’t just see online dating as your only way of meeting people.
  3. Be open to meeting people during the daytime.
  5. Target where you’re actually spending your time around your hobbies and interests - win-win if you do or don’t meet anyone
  7. State the commitment level you want. Say if you want monogamy. Equally, say if you just want to f*** around.
  9. Let them know you’re single.
  11. Compliment him. Men often need validation. Maybe he’s not approaching you because he’s unsure of himself.
  13. Be honest regarding your life. It’s okay to not want to disclose certain things until you get to know a person better but I’d question your reasons if you’re actively being dishonest about previous relationships etc.
  15. If he’s not interested in the same things as you, move on.
  17. Give clearer signals, that will help him to take the steps forward
  19. Don’t play games. Waiting a day to text him back? Back to 2006 again.

If you choose to challenge the same patriarchal principles in your love life as we all do in the outside world, you start thinking about what it means to you to select a partner who is good for you rather than randomly "winning" any man who will accept you.’  

Hayley x

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