Getting closer to knowing your true path

November 14, 2015
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HQ Podcast: The true path to yourself

Hello, and welcome back ladies and gentlemen sneakily listening, into another Love HQ podcast. I have this thing- I always start with a note of suspicion. Because sometimes I have this belief that there are all these lovely women listeners. I applaud you for being here. So thank you for joining as well.

Today, my guest is the wonderful Elliot. Elliot is an incredible guy, a founder and creator of Power to Succeed, which is a book, a training programme, and a seminar. Concepts and philosophies and even more. I've done some events and training with Elliott. He's extremely charismatic, interesting human. And what I like about his approach is he likes getting into the root or depth of stuff rather than addressing top-line skills.

The interview

Whenever I work with people, I always try and tell you to know, people, you know, you always want to load it, you don't always want to know, like, oh, how do I get the guy to ask for my number? Or how do I get him to want to have a second date with me? Or he's my perfect man? How do I make sure he wants to now marry me there's a there's something in that there's a one or you think that somehow that can be placed into it like a sentence or a technique. And your techniques are helpful. But really, we have to kind of usually they're only helpful and that they help to shift things around on a deeper level. And that deep level stuff is kind of what you get into right? And how to succeed.


It's not a classroom-style type environment. It's all experiential. So yes, we do look at the cognitive side, the thoughts side around. Confidence in your identity to own it. But it's all done experientially because that's what worked for me when I had to shift some pretty serious stuff. It wasn't working when I was sitting in a classroom or going to a seminar and sitting there for hours.


Oh, man- I can't handle it. But it works like a wild animal without getting frustrated and bored. I'll go into snooze mode. I'm genuinely pretty interested, in psychosomatic staff, or the body or how you can use one thing to influence the other. So if you're at a roadblock with them, or you feel generally off your path. Particularly if you're listening in London, wherever this podcast is coming from. That's a normal feeling. It's not even bad. It's a slight malaise, a slight sense that you haven't got everything where you want it to be. There's something more for you. This is the end product, super clarity, success, everything sorted forever. But you do facilitation which gets people more onto their right path.


It's very much going back to the therapist Alliance, where it's a collaborative approach versus I'm the expert, I'm going to tell you. Let me give you the tools for you to find the way you're more empowered. You can tap into it, versus creating a need or guru, who we love. It's about.

It's facilitation. How do I facilitate you to find your way? But that goes beyond just asking questions because I can be annoying to go. And what does that mean to you? Why do you think that is? And where do you feel in your body?

But that, to me doesn't create a massive break for life-changing experiences. Which by the way, don't always happen over a weekend. I'm very clear about that. But that's why facilitation, especially working with women. Women seem to be a lot more open to that. They love exploring a lot more than men.


You work predominantly with women. So what kind of things women can identify with? What kind of things do you find people say to you?


Most of the women I started working with are on a career path. Women who are very educated, very intellectual, and they know there's something beyond what they're doing alone. They aren't sure what that is, but they know there's a higher calling and they want to pursue that.

So, I've worked with women from 25 up until 60 years old. Plus, and for a lot of women I work with it is a all about being a better version of themselves. There's always an element of relationship either improving one or attracting one. But there's also I work with a lot of women that want to make an impact in the world.

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