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3 signs he’s flirting with you… and you don’t know it

I was out with one of my clients last weekend and one thing really struck me- Men are not flirting how they used to! Think about it: Guys are more cautious about expressing their interest than ever before. Trust me I…

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gift of yoga

A Gift to my Female Followers in London

  I want to give a gift to my female followers in London… Because you are awesome, powerful, women who I admire! As a huge thank you for: Not relying on him/ luck/ cupid to find you. Not giving up…

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letting go

Don’t let your pride stop you from letting go

‘Letting go’ (read breaking up, total life decimation, the *******), is HARD no matter what way you slice it. Having to close the door on a relationship, on your crush, on anything you have invested your time and effort into…

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all the wrong places

Looking in all the wrong places?

Are you looking for men in all the wrong places? Here’s a classic example I thought I’d share with you: I was working with one of my client’s earlier this year. She told me about how much she longed for…

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Make Him Realise

The Most Powerful Way to Make Him Realise How Awesome You Are

  Men can be rubbish at appreciating what’s in front of them. You can be the most accomplished, caring, gorgeous woman in the world but if he doesn’t ‘see’ it… So, how to make him realise what he’s got in you…

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Lack of Connection: He Doesn’t ‘Get’ You

  Sometimes you’re dating the guy who has it all: he’s smart, funny, kind, sexy, not-afraid-of-commitment… but there’s just something missing. You struggle and struggle to like him because you know what a great catch he is on paper but you…

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Create Space For Him To Chase!

I know every piece of dating advice EVER has told you that men should chase… But if you’re not getting any dates that’s a little hard to implement right? How do you balance creating space for yourself to date? How do…

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nothing in common

Create a deeper connection with women

Now you guys might not know about this, but I have spent an awful lot of time working with guys and girls taking them out into the big wide world, getting them to be better at meeting people. I have…

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splitting the bill

Splitting the Bill- Should the Guy ALWAYS Pay the Bill?

  You’ve slung back a few martinis, laughed for hours, and worked out that you’re both huge Dr Who fans. There’s only one thing that can ruin the magic of this moment: and it’s the moment the bartender diplomatically places the…

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