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How Can I Change My “Luck” With Dating?

Dating can feel like an all-out headache: The experience of guys saying one thing, and doing another… The emotional drain of going on date after date… The confusion from about 10,000 pieces of advice that all tell you to do something different… When really dating should feel enjoyable and easy. That’s where “Attraction Circle” comes in: Hayley Quinn’s unique home study programme simplifies successful dating down to 16 practical exercises you can incorporate into your dating life today. It’s time to get back to who you actually are and change your results with dating. 

No more…

Overanalysing everything.

Feeling deeply confused.

Frustrated by how to “do” the dating thing.

Not enjoying (okay hating…) the process.

Enter a new space with dating…

Rebuild trust in yourself: You can do this! 

Recognise opportunities & feel radiant. 

Practical tools to meet more men. 

Enjoy the journey & get the outcome you want

How Does “Attraction Circle” Work? 


Have you ever had the experience of Hayley Quinn’s Attraction Circle programme teaching you 16 “rituals” designed to create a process around your dating life that will yield the result you want? 

To change your dating life, you need practical exercises: This is why Attraction Circle teaches you a dating toolkit you can use immediately. Each of the 16 mini-modules of Attraction Circle teaches you a mindset shift and an accompanying practice you can use to change your dating life. 

Attraction Circle aims to change your dating life through the practice of simplicity. Rather than overload you with advice that makes you question everything you do, Attraction Circle is about creating inner confidence, and finally understanding how to tap into your most attractive self. 

Learn how to meet more men, receive the attention you want, and feel motivated for dating once more. 

You’re about to find out that successful dating is a lot easier than you thought it could be. 

Why did I decide to make this programme?

After taking a break from coaching to have my children, I realised just how bad so much dating advice I read was. I know the last thing you need is to scrutinise every message you write, and constantly second guess yourself. Approaching dating in this way does nothing for your self esteem, makes you question your own intuition and is disempowering. I realised what you actually need is a process to help make dating more enjoyable again. I want “how to create the relationships you want” to really click for you this time. I like to create advice that is highly actionable, so you will also find lots of clear action steps in this programme. If you can incorporate all the changes from “Attraction Circle” into your dating life, your results will change! I’ll look forward to hearing the stories!

Are you ready for a new way of
dating that prioritises your self-esteem.

What are the 16 rituals of “Attraction Circle”?

Well that would be telling… But I can tell you they cover the 4 areas you need to create a more abundant, and happy, dating life.


Improve your self esteem and motivation.


Discover how to meet more men in real life.


Filter until you meet the man you click with.


Pacing your relationship with him.

Attraction Circle is a no worry, no rush, no stress approach to creating the dating life you want.

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Start exuding super attractive, feminine energy!

What our customers are saying

“Powerful program”

“I was at the gym early hours and ended up chatting with a guy- who knew that no make-up and sweating it out would be the answer. Attraction Circle gave me that confidence and empowerment. “


Guilford, UK

“My life has changed”

“Since purchasing Attraction Circle my life has changed. Most notably it has changed how I relate to men. With confidence, I now walk up to any man in any environment. “


London, UK

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As with all my digital courses, if you’re not 100% happy with this course then you will be eligible for a 30-day no hassle refund.


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Attraction Circle is a course designed to help you become a more confident, integrated, version of yourself along the way.

You will be given access to all the modules upon purchase. It is up to you to decide on how fast or slow you will go through the modules. You will also be given cheat sheets that contain practical advice.

Your login details! And most importantly the willingness to learn to implement your knowledge in practice. As we always say, one ounce of practice is worth tons of theory!

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We are happy to offer you 30-day money guaranty on the course. If you find it’s not for you, just email us and we will refund your money in full. No questions asked.