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Wingwoman Club is an online learning space, and community, for women who want to feel more confident about their dating life. To achieve your goals in dating, I believe you need both the knowledge (that’s the “how-to” part of meeting, attracting and building relationships) and support (that’s having a community of like-minded women to cheer you on through the ups and downs.) By joining Wingwoman Club you’ll get access to 20 hours of my coaching courses (that aren’t available anywhere else). Plus a Coaching Forum, and monthly Group Coaching Calls, that mean you can get your specific questions answered by Hayley and her team.

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Access hours of content, group coaching calls and our community forum — anytime, anywhere, on any device

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What is Wingwoman Club?

Let’s be honest dating can be emotionally challenging. I know you want to meet better “quality” (I know, it’s a weird way to describe someone) men and a huge part of your journey towards that goal will be staying motivated over the inevitable highs and lows of the dating journey.

No other area of our lives has such a unique ability to leave us feeling so vulnerable. I also know what helps you to stay confident and strong is feeling you’ve got the right support. Perhaps you’re at a life stage where your friends are all coupled up, or it’s just not as obvious as it once was where you’re going to meet someone.

I created Wingwoman Club as a great value alternative to private coaching. It’s ideally suited to you if you’d like to learn remotely at your own pace, or aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into our in person coaching events.

Wingwoman Club offers you a wealth of online courses to follow (that’s right you’re leaving Netflix behind for one evening a week!) In our member’s coaching forum, and on our monthly group coaching calls, you’ll not only receive advice from me and my team when you most need it (post a question and you’ll get a personal response back within 24 hours) but you’ll also meet other women who are on the same journey.

If dating hasn’t felt fun for a long time, there’s nothing like finding some new “wingwomen” to support you during the process. If you’re just considering whether you’re ready to date, or know that you’ll do better to have some unbiased support during the process, Wingwoman Club is a great place to get started.

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Why our Club members love us

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Understand Dating

Our online library of videos takes you step by step through how to understand, meet and attract the men you want.

Make Friends

Join our awesome on and offline community and meet new wingwomen.

Gain Confidence

Take our 30 Days of Dating Challenge and get personalised mentoring from our coaching team.

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Get instant access

Learn practical skills for your dating life with the support of Hayley and her team of coaches through online courses, group coaching calls and our expert advice forum.

Meet the coaches

What customers are saying

Explore the empowering stories of women who have thrived in Wingwoman Club, sharing their journey of building self-assuredness, dating success, and personal growth.

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Packed With Useful and Applicable Advice

"I highly recommend Wingwoman Club as its packed with useful and applicable advice, and gives you the opportunity to practice real time what Hayley teaches, and walk away with something valuable. Hayley's confidence tips really allow women to shine and navigate these times where most people just reach for the app, helping us understand what each other are thinking and giving us a space to put the effort into dating that we all could use more of."

Headshot of Catherine T
Catherine T.
Huntington Beach, USA
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Feeling Supported Every Step of the Way

"I met my current partner last year and I believe the tools and skills I’ve learned from Hayley has helped me create a strong and meaningful connection with him. From the early stages of dating him to three months down the line, I’ve felt like Hayley’s had my back every step of the way, which is honestly one of the most valuable benefits of joining her Wingwoman Club. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you, Hayley and team!"

Headshot of Sarah P
Sarah P.
Hove, UK
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Empowerment in Every Aspect of Life

"Since I joined Hayley's Wingwoman Club my life has changed! From improved communications with colleagues and family members to making new friends in unexpected places and to standing up for my values and beliefs in the face of adversity. Most notably it has changed in how I relate to men. I now walk up to any man in any environment with confidence."

Headshot of Polly G
Polly G.
London, UK
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Take Your Dating to the Next Level!

"Hayley knows her trade well. With years of experience she really coaches all her clients with the best of her knowledge. I have been a member for over 2 years and my dating changed so much all thanks to her practical and simple approach to dating. If you become a member, get ready to take your dating life to the next level!"

Headshot of Beata C
Beata C.
London, UK
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From Cynic... To Bride!

"I was skeptical at first because 95% of this industry is predatory and full of manipulative advice. But with Wingwoman Club and Hayley's coaching, I never felt like I had to compromise myself or my morals.  She taught me how to draw boundaries, spot red flags, be more confident, and why I wasn't meeting the people I wanted (and how to change that). Then I married someone more amazing than I ever thought possible.  Thanks, Hayley :)!!!"

Headshot of Phoebe N
Phoebe N.
Baltimore, USA

For privacy reasons we have changed some of our customers' identifying information at their request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.


Wingwoman Club can be enjoyed entirely remotely from wherever you are in the world.

Group Coaching Calls are typically held on Tuesdays during the middle of each month. Calls start at 18:00 GMT and last for approximately 45 minutes.

Membership is entirely flexible so you can sign up for as long as you like, cancel anytime, and resubscribe as often as you like.


You can learn from our member’s forum, video library, and group coaching calls: all from the comfort of your own home.

Teaching Style

We pride ourselves on keeping our online community fun, friendly and supportive.

What You Need

Your login details! Also remember to look out for our regular newsletters and save us as a contact in your email address book.


Get instant access when you join online today.

Billing and Support

Hayley Quinn's Wingwoman Club costs £35 a month for membership. Cancel at any time by visiting the My Accounts section of the Club. Your account will close at the end of your current billing cycle, and you won't be charged again.

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Wingwoman Club

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Results may vary based on individual efforts and dedication to the course materials. We do not guarantee specific dating outcomes, as success depends on personal application and context.

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