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I met my current boyfriend through Hayley’s program and I believe the tools and skills I’ve learned from Hayley has helped me create a strong and meaningful connection with him.


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Going Renegade teaches you how to meet people in real life, and help you to stand out on dating apps. It is a hands on practical bootcamp taught over a month of action packed learning: including 4 signature workshops and a 13 hour immersion weekend of coaching in London. It is about single life becoming fun and empowering again: and ultimately putting you in the driving seat for choosing an amazing partner.

Going Renegade teaches you how to meet people in real life & get your confidence back

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Find Them

It is about 1000 times to let go of a person who isn’t right for you if you know you can meet a lot of high-quality people in your everyday life. Join the Going Renegade lifestyle and learn how to prompt people you want to approach you.

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Love Yourself

Have healthy, loving boundaries for yourself: and stop wasting your energy on people who can’t make you happy. Time to get your self-esteem in the right place. 

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Going Renegade is 4 weeks long, creating the perfect amount of time to form new habits and make real change.

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Gain Confidence

Get a serious confidence boost for your dating life. Time to enjoy being single: when you do, that high-quality relationship will magically appear. 

You’ll leave this place behind…

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You do now know where to meet people: especially ones you actually like.

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You are growing tired of the dating app thing.

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You are struggling to motivate yourself to ‘put yourself out there’.

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You have seriously wondered whether to just give up and in recent months have lost confidence in yourself.

And arrive at a new way of thinking

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Feel like you have tons of choice with dating, so you are in no rush to commit – the result? They will be dying to tie you down

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Know when the person isn’t right and having the self esteem to walk away and save your time

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Meet people wherever you are (think coffee shops, bookstores, airplane lounges!) and not be limited to dating apps

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Learn how to take back the power and become empowered in your dating life

Going Renegade

Fancy a confidence boost to your dating life

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  • Learn to love dating with Hayley Quinn’s newsletter, free video courses, and promotional emails. You can unsubscribe easily at any time and we never share your information with third parties. View our Privacy Policy.

Action-Packed Agenda

Over 4 weeks you’ll learn how to meet people in real life, and feel empowered by your dating


Confidence Kickstarter

You begin the course by being entered into a month long private chat group with the other Going Renegade participants, Hayley Quinn and her coaching team. This means over the Going Renegade month you get 24/7 access to dating advice, know how to answer their texts, what they are really thinking, and meet wing women to head out with.

Also join our welcome brunch where you’ll meet our in house stylist who is going to take you out shopping and help you feel great about yourself.


Dating Masterclass

Follow Hayley’s dating masterclass webinar to wrap your head around modern dating: no more being caught off guard by their behaviour, time to start choosing the partners you meet wisely.

Also get a full online dating and social media makeover by our resident online dating expert. Whilst we love to teach you how to meet people in real life, we also like to teach you how to have a killer online profile and know how to write a good message.


Bootcamp Weekend!

Head out on Friday night, Saturday night and Saturday daytime with our team of pro dating coaches to learn the Going Renegade methods of how to meet people. You’ll discover how to signal to them to approach you, fun and classy ice breakers, and where all the good people are hiding. Our bootcamp is totally unique, 100% live and hosted in our favourite locations to meet people in London. (We call it ‘hottie-mapper’.) You will meet friends for life, have a lot of fun and ditch the dating behaviours that have been holding you back.



Round up your Going Renegade experience with a workshop on holding your boundaries. The joy of meeting people in real life, and rediscovering how being single can be rewarding and exciting, is that you’re no longer going to settle for less.

What our customers are saying

“Badass ladies!”

“I felt somewhat embarrassed that I needed to sign up to something like this…but having shared the experience with such a badass group of ladies I don’t feel embarrassed at all, in fact, I feel rather good about myself! Now, to keep practising”


Going Renegade

“On point!”

“I spoke to two guys before breakfast today… I was just getting warmed up!”


“If you’re feeling exhausted by dating and want to shift your mindset and feel more open and confident, I can’t imagine there’s much else that would be as effective as Hayley Quinn.”

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Learn to love dating
with Going Renegade


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  • Refunds & Support

Going Renegade is held over 4 weeks. You must be able to travel to London for our live training weekend: however all other modules can be delivered remotely. Going Renegade includes 2 masterclass webinars, a styling session, a welcome brunch, a workshop with Hayley Quinn and over 12 hours meeting people in person over our live training weekend. Going Renegade includes 24/7 support over your month long training program.

2 X masterclass webinars (watch online from the comfort of your own home)

A shopping session with our in house stylist*

A welcome brunch

A healthy boundaries workshop with Hayley Quinn*

Thursday night out at select locations discovering how to meet them

Friday night flirtshop and a second night learning how easy it is to meet them in real life

Saturday daytime discovering how to meet them during the daytime (it’s our best-kept secret)

24/7 WhatsApp Support

Weekly Challenges*

(* Can be taken remotely from wherever you are based)

We pride ourselves on creating a fun, friendly and supportive environment to work in. We also communicate with each other, and about others respectfully. You can also expect lots of practical advice and action steps that work in the real world.

A positive outlook! All other teaching materials and refreshments will be provided by our experienced coaching team.

We spend time preparing you for this event: so can only accept advance bookings. Spaces are always limited due to having a limited number of coaches: we always maintain a 2-1 trainee/ coach ratio so you get plenty of individual attention. If you are unsure about whether this event is for you, we’d advise you to chat with us to get more details.

As this is a live event we won’t be able to reimburse you if you have a change of heart: however, you will be offered the chance to transfer onto a later course date or exchange your Going Renegade place for coaching credit. You will receive a follow-up call after the event to give your feedback to us, as we always want to improve as well! Plus there is 24/7 support during the course for our kickass Going Renegade ladies. COVID-19 UPDATE: All of our training is fully COVID-19 compliant and works within current government advice. If we cannot proceed with your coaching due to COVID-19 you are welcome to defer your place at the event or apply for a full refund.