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Workshop: How To Meet Men In Real Life

Where have all the good men gone? I believe they’re everywhere! Secret Place switches you on to the power of being able to meet men in real life. This is a 100% live workshop meaning you will receive coaching in-person and jump into practical exercises that teach you the art of meeting him IRL… Don’t worry this isn’t striding up to him at a bar and saying “hey baby”; done well, it’s so subtle that he’ll think he started the conversation. Some would call it magic… I call it skills-based dating coaching.

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Leave this place behind

'Unlucky': Never meeting anyone you actually like

Fears rejection: Frustrated that your friends don’t know anyone to set you up with

Under-confident: Feeling like you’re being overlooked


Find the Secret Place

Increased intuition: Intuitively know who secretly wants to meet you.

Improved subtlety: Learn how to subtly trigger him to speak to you.

More interactions: Meet a lot more of the men you want.


What is Secret Place?

After spending many years coaching men how to become better at meeting women IRL, I wanted to turn the tables and reverse engineer the practical skills you need to meet men in real life.

By unlocking your ability to meet men everywhere you provide yourself with something truly valuable: Motivation, fun and energy for your dating life. When you feel that you have no options, meeting him in person gives you an exciting alternative way to meet men. Meeting in person also has some real benefits: You get an immediate feel for the chemistry, and if you click, you are both more excited to go on a date.

If he meets you in person, and there’s (dare we say it) “a vibe” then even if you’re not the woman he would search for on a dating app, you may well connect. Meeting him in person is certainly not just for women in their 20s (though we welcome you too!) It's an empowering way for women to date at every stage of their lives. The practical exercises my coaching team teach you are also going to illuminate your limiting beliefs and allow you to move past your mental blocks around dating.

Please note this is a live training event: This means there’s no workshop-based learning element and 100% of this event is taught in real-life venues (bars, coffee shops) to get you interacting with men IRL.

This may sound nerve-wracking, but my coaching team’s style is supportive and caring. They are here to teach you and to champion you in expanding your comfort zones and feeling abundant in your dating life.

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Why Secret Place?

Hayley Quinn With Female Dating Client During Coaching Session

IRL Training

Secret Place is a practical session meaning the coaching team takes you out into the real world to discover how to meet more men.

Send Stronger Signals

Learn 5 key signals you can send to men to get them to say hello to you.

Personal Feedback

Receive kind but helpful feedback as to how you come across in your interactions with men.

Hayley Quinn With Female Dating Client During Coaching Session

The antidote to dating apps...

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If pressed to imagine what sort of woman would enrol in this course, I might have said someone who was extremely shy, lacking in self-esteem or, to put it bluntly, not particularly attractive. On all fronts I’ve completely missed the mark. The three young professionals out tonight, all in their mid-thirties, are good-looking, well-dressed and great company – they’re just sick of dating apps.”

February 2024 | Read the article >
Helen Coffey
Senior Lifestyle Features Writer
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A fun-filled evening awaits

Over 3 hours you’ll learn how to meet men in real life.

Meet the coaches

What customers are saying

Discover the transformational journeys of women who have attended Secret Place, our taster session for women who want live coaching, as they share their experiences and the practical tools they've gained for meeting men in real life, all guided by our dedicated team of expert dating coaches.

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Transformational Coaching: From Online to Real-Life Connections

"The coaching was so supportive and compassionate. I was solely relying on online dating to meet men and Secret Place helped me soften my boundaries and open up to opportunities. It also helped me shift my mindset, making dating fun and empowering, and boosted my confidence to approach men in real life. If you're ready to take control of your dating life, Hayley is your go-to."

Headshot of Deborah G
Deborah G.
London, UK
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Lots of Top Tips!

"An amazing night! Pushed my comfort zone, gained insight into how men truly react. Big thanks to Hayley and her team for their top tips. Can't wait to use them! Thanks again!"

Headshot of Judith Y
Judith Y.
London, UK
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I Can Do Anything Now! Loved Every Moment!

"Attending Hayley's Secret PLACE IRL event in London was truly empowering. Coaches and fellow members were warm, empathetic, and knowledgeable. This event brought online workshop skills to life, showing me how to create connections. It was fun, supportive, and incredibly meaningful. Being part of this group made me believe I can do anything. I highly recommend it for renewed dating confidence. Loved every moment!"

Headshot of Winnie H
Winnie H.
London, UK

For privacy reasons we have changed some of our customers' identifying information at their request.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.


Secret Place is held in central London locations and involves real life practice at meeting men. The workshop lasts 3 hours, typically from 18:30 to 21:30. We welcome women of all ages and orientations to this session.


You will spend half an hour doing a briefing with the coaching team, 2 hours doing live practice and another half an hour gaining feedback on your day. Our goal is for this session to be empowering. Be prepared to have a great time, and make a breakthrough in your confidence levels.

Our team of dating coaches are highly skilled at creating a supportive and easy-going learning environment: We are with you 100% of the way to help you take small steps to find meeting men much easier. Hayley’s specialist techniques are also incredibly subtle, and will always be tailored to be congruent to you.

Teaching Style

Don’t worry about what you will say- we’ve got a syllabus for this 😉 Our teaching style emphasises authenticity, so we won’t be giving you lines, as much as we will be gently encouraging you to express yourself after following our teaching points. Lot of this workshop will also emphasise body language and non-verbal signals.

What You Need

A positive outlook and a pen/ paper/ smart phone to make notes on. All other equipment and exercises will be provided by our experienced coaching team. Please be punctual so we can start the session on time for everyone.


We spend time preparing you for this event: so can only accept advance bookings. Spaces are always limited due to maintaining a strict 2:1 trainee-coach ratio. If you are unsure whether this event is right for you, we’d advise you to chat with us to get more details.

Refunds and Support

After booking your place on this session please note that you can change your booking slot to an alternative date 48 hours in advance of the session running. We do a significant amount of preparation for our sessions so unfortunately are not able to accommodate last minute refunds.

Results may vary based on individual efforts and dedication to the course materials. We do not guarantee specific dating outcomes, as success depends on personal application and context.

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