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3 exact phrases to use

Do you want to know 3 exact phrases that you can drop into a conversation or message exchange with a woman and automatically boost her attraction to you?

So now I’ve got your attention let’s go through these 3 phrases in detail as not only do I want you to use these phrases – I want you to understand this principle so well that you’re able to change how you speak to women and come up with your own words to say. And at the end of this video, I’ll be laying out for you, your game plan for how to become the man who chooses not to chase the women in his life. 

In my last video, I explained the importance of demonstrating that you have options and standards. If you haven’t watched that video yet, go back and make sure you watch it. It’s going to help make the teachings in this video so much easier for you to apply.
If you understand the “select don’t chase” principle, and it’s locked in, it’s going to change how you’re interacting with women. Your results are going to start to shift and you will get the confidence boost you need to start making the rest of the changes needed to alter how you interact with women.
So remember, instead of offering her everything, because you feel a surface-level attraction to her, go deeper. Make it clearer that you are casting her for an extremely important role in your life.

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