Confidence: the key to dating success

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After a decade of coaching guys just like you to overcome their limitations and finding confidence, I have an important message to share with you about your first steps to finding the amazing girlfriend you deserve.

I understand that modern dating isn’t always easy…

To get the matches you want online you need a killer profile (and some seriously stand out messages) and meeting her in real life means overcoming some of your greatest fears.

However, if you can challenge yourself to develop the confidence and the skills to meet, attract and date her, your love life is going to change forever. You will put yourself in the 5% of guys who actually has this area of their lives handled.

Imagine finally feeling like you have choice with the women you date, rather than just falling into the wrong relationships?

Instead you can finally choose a high quality girlfriend who is smart, fun to be around and just your type.

It is possible!

But first you have to avoid the mistake that so many guys make with women in trying to be just the man she wants, they lose themselves, and also what makes them the most attractive.

This is you if you’ve ever thought:

How do I keep her interested?

Remember she should also be trying to keep you interested!

I don’t want her to unmatch me so I better not say that! 

Your personality is what’s going to turn her on!


How do I appear younger? 

Actually if you’re an older guy this is the reason she will choose you so you never want to hide your age!


How can I be just like that guy from YouTube? 

Don’t copy stunts on YouTube – instead I want you to become the best version of yourself.


The kind of guy who does ‘badly’ with women:

Constantly worries about being rejected. He’s meeting the women he really likes so rarely, that he clings on to interactions. He never ends a messaging interaction or date first, even if the woman isn’t making any effort. He second guesses himself, holds back and doesn’t know the ‘right’ thing to do. He finds flirting difficult. He falls into relationships he’s not that excited about, because well, they’re there. He imagines the women he wants have loads of guys after them, and so he doesn’t even try to get them. 

Mr 5% who has choice with the women he dates. 

Imagine if you were a guy who already had lots of choice with the women he could meet  do you think for one second if a woman was writing a low effort one word answer to any of those guys on a dating app that they’d keep chasing? Do you think they’d flinch and saying hello to a woman they liked? Or do you think they’d have really high standards for the women they date, which would be subtly communicated from the second they approached her?

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It’s time you took the guesswork out of dating.

Hayley Quinn Club
Hayley Quinn Club