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How to avoid talking about work when you’re on a date

Avoid this recurring and boring conversational topic in your date

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June 7, 2011
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Work is one of those unavoidable first date topics; one minute you’re thinking about how awesome your date is, the next minute you’re accidentally making painful conversation about work deadlines. Here is how to avoid talking about work on your date!

Trouble is talking about your job title, filing, and number crunching is a huge conversational turn-off. It can be such a dry topic that it can make you appear boring by reflection. So next time you say the words `staple gun’, or `deadline’, think again and use my top three tips to get off the topic of work!

Tip 1: Talk about dreams not deliverables

Logistical conversations, where you wind up talking about technical aspects to your job, or anything that requires you to understand the topic to enjoy the conversation is a bad move.

Girls also tend to prefer to talk emotively, so any reference to technicalities will leave them cold. Instead, make the conversation more emotionally focused.

Switch from talking about your day to day work tasks; and instead, ask them about their dreams and ambitions for the future. What can be even more fun (particularly if they flunk out on the ambition front) is to talk about what they always imagined they’d be as a five-year-old.

Get them on to anecdotes about astronauts and you’ll be having a much more engaging conversation, than if you’d spoken about admin.

Tip 2: Talk about people, not percentages

The most engaging topics of conversation are those everyone can relate to: how people behave is one of these. There are several `universal truths’ about people’s behaviour that everyone can relate to.

In order to get off the topic of work start to get onto the sexier subjects of people and relationships; begin by talking about how people at work interact. Ask about the office party, the backroom bitching and store cupboard romances at her workplace to get her gossiping and giggling.

Tip 3: Talk about her passions, not her payslip

A great way to engage strangers is to talk about what their passions are in life. If she really enthuses about her job, then, by all means, let her talk about it. If however, she mentions her job with a noticeable twinge of boredom and drudgery to her voice pick up on it and use it as an excuse to cold-read her. Say,

`You know what? You sounded a little gloomy mentioning your job. It’s funny because I never saw you as a receptionist; that day I met you on the street, I thought your style seemed so creative...’

Use some creative guesswork, and reacting to her, to get her chatting about something she really cares about. If you do this the conversation is going to be much more engaging for you both: and she’ll be more likely to care about you by the end of it.

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