Do people care if you’re chatting her up?

There has been SO MUCH CONTROVERSY about men meeting women recently; I understand that right now it probably feels easier for you to never go there again then dare to think of flirting with women.

But (important)

Women’s Number 1 Dating Complaint is that guys never approach them

Huh?! I know you think ‘well that doesn’t make sense…’ however the point is that women do want you to say hi to them in a way that is respectful

It’s not about where you say hi – it’s all about the how and your intentions behind it. Trust me if you’re a good guy, wanting to meet a great woman, you are not going to be condemned for approaching women.

Don’t believe me? Well me and my friend Michael went out to prove this point by drawing attention to him approaching women using a massive white board as you can see no women, Michael’s or bystanders were harmed during the making of this video.



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