Does anyone care if you’re chatting her up? (Part 1)

I am on a mission to help you to approach women… in a way that they’ll love too.

I understand that it can be hard to find the balance between being upfront with a woman about how your attraction to her; without being that creepy guy that you’re just not.

I know from the guys I work with that a lot of great men (& this could be you!) just

don’t approach FULL STOP because they’re so self conscious of people over hearing them and JUDGING THEM.

I was pretty sure though the truth is that most people are pretty much in a world of their own and don’t care what you’re doing. To road test this theory in true Quinn style I took a hidden camera to a supermarket and waited to see how people reacted to me saying some truly RUDE, SEXUAL, CRAZY things*

* that are approximately one million times worse than you simply walking up to a woman and saying ‘hi’… (& yes I know there’s a bit more to it than that, if it’s something you’re stuck on you need to know my 5 steps for the perfect approach)

Hope you enjoy the video and next time you see a woman you like don’t let your fear of what other people think of you stand in your way




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