How To Meet A Woman At The Grocery Store- 5 Expert Tips

How To Meet A Woman At The Grocery Store- 5 Expert Tips!

Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

Today I’ve prepared for you five quick tips for how you can meet a woman at the grocery store and supermarkets. Now to say the obvious, a woman isn’t going about to buy a loaf of bread and meet a boyfriend.

But, it doesn’t mean that she’s closed off to the potential of that happening. It’s important to respect the fact that she’s going about other areas of her daily life as well. So I want to reassure you that the tips and information I’m giving are all about engaging with a woman in a way that is respectful.
I don’t want you to be going to supermarkets with the intention of they are the best place in the world to meet women, and not. I want you to feel confident to engage with people around you.

If you see an opportunity to talk to a woman you feel attracted to you need to understand that it’s going to be a respectful and cool way of being able to do that.

1. Keeping your distance

My first tip to meet a woman at the grocery store is to keep your distance. She may feel wary of speaking someone who she doesn’t know even though she’s in this public space. And quite unlike a bar club, she doesn’t expect to get a date while she’s going out and doing her groceries. So we have to be more cautious of not overwhelming her and not coming too close into her personal space.  

The way to do it is to keep at least two metres distance from her and signal that you’d like to start the conversation. The most elegant way of doing this is to make eye contact and smile. If she’s got her hands deep in a bunch of strawberries, you could do a little wave to engage and get her attention before you proceed.

2. Use observation as a starting point

My second tip is not to pull right in there and go, Oh my gosh, I had to come and say hello to you because you’re gorgeous. Now, sometimes that can actually work quite well. But in a supermarket, it will feel jarring because of the social environment you’re in.

Instead, I would recommend being smooth. Begin the conversation by observing something you are both participating in.  
Hey, I had to share how I like that your trolley is all green, healthy food.
The queues at the supermarket today are crazy, aren’t they?

Commenting and observing on something that’s around you that you can both see will feel less intense and less threatening than commenting on her physical appearance. This also gives you time to check in and witness what her reaction is, before you can decide to continue further.

A man and a woman chatting in the grocery store

3. Watch out for her reaction

I am not here to be telling you to talk to women who do not want to speak to you. Remember, look out for signs that she is receptive, open and comfortable having a conversation.
Does she stand still? Does she angle her body language towards you? Has she smiled or made eye contact. If so, these are some good signals that you might be able to continue the conversation here. If she does none of those things, or looks anxious and uncomfortable it’s always best to smile, wish her a good day and leave. You’re not here to force your agenda on any woman.

It’s actually about looking for women who are in the same headspace as you. Women who are being open to engaging and meeting with people. Now if you’d like more advice on how you can approach women in a way that’s modern and invites their participation, head over to

4. Offer a bit of backstory on who you are and what you’re doing

When we meet someone on a dating app, we have at least some information about them. You might know what they do, how far away they live, what their dog’s name is. When you meet someone who you don’t know, in a public space, they don’t have any of this information.

It’s going to be easier for them to connect and relate to you when they understand a little bit more about who you are.
I decided I was going to try and do more of my shopping in person because I spent all my day on a computer for my job. This is one thing I can do in real life.

It sounds simple, but at least it gives her a little bit of an insight into the fact that you’re working, and that you’re trying to be more active, get out and engage in the real world. These pieces of information are actually going to help her to feel more comfortable to continue the conversation with you.

A man and a woman looking each other in grocery store

5. Next step

My fifth tip to meet a woman at the grocery store about things are going well. So she’s comfortable talking to you and engaged. She’s put a bag down, or she’s leaning on her shopping trolley, and she’s offering lots of information about herself. Where do you go from here?

I wouldn’t be building up asking for her number to make it sound like a date. You could say:
Look, before you go, if you’re comfortable, let me grab your social media.
Look, I’ve actually got 10 minutes before I need to head off to my next meeting, if you want to stop off at the juice bar.

Whenever you go for your next move, remember to keep it casual, relaxed and appropriate for the environment. A big gear shift to some large commitment that’s romantic might feel a bit overwhelming. Pace yourself. Remember your goal and intention is to be able to stay in touch, if that’s something she’s open to as well.

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