If she says ‘bless you’ or ‘awww’

It is kind of worse than her calling you a dick head.

Whilst it may have been hot during the 13th Century for women to ‘pity’ the knights that came slaying dragons for them, these days if she associates you with something that needs sympathy she ain’t ever going to want to have a hot and sexy adventure with you.

Signs of pity include (but are not limited to): ‘Awww’

‘Bless you!’

‘That’s so sweet!’ / ‘You’re a sweetheart thank you!”

In normal life there is of course nothing wrong with people thinking you’re just ADORKABLE – being kind is highly underrated. It just becomes a bit problematic during that first sexy stage of getting to know someone: as cuteness and sex appeal for women do not go hand in hand.

If a woman refers to you in this way by the way it doesn’t mean that you are fundamentally worth pitying and never sexy. She’s got it all wrong. You’re hot, you’re manly and you gotta to remember that.

If she has temporarily underestimated you – or put you in the wrong box in her life- you have to pull her up on this (nicely). To counterbalance your Nice Guy image simply assert yourself:

‘Hey, I’m here to flirt with you’

‘You do know I find you very sexy’

‘I’m here to flirt with you – not for you to say ‘bless you’

This isn’t meant to be hostile it’s just you communicating that she needs to give you respect not cuddles at this stage.

Remember you haven’t been born a ‘cutie’ who no one fancies: it’s all in how you engage with her that tells her how she should react to you.

You have the power – so use it wisely!

Love, Hayley x

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