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What turns women off?

May 25, 2015
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Today I'm going to be telling you about turn-offs. Unfortunately, they're not sexual turnoffs because people are a little bit prudish in London. However, I did get to the bottom of what turns women off! What kind of behaviour will get you struck out if you're going on a date with a girl or whether you're texting a girl? What will make her think: "Yeah, I never want to see him again!" So, if you want to dodge repulsion please watch the video to figure out what woman's biggest turn-offs are.

But if you don’t have time to watch the whole video here are some highlights!

I set out to the streets of London to ask random women what are their turnoffs or the stuff the guys can do which is just a straight-up no.  

I asked the first lady about kissing on the first date. Is it all right or is it a no? In her opinion, it had to come from the girl. But sometimes girls feel a bit funny about leaning in and initiating. And the guys don't do it because they don't feel like they had a great conversation and a great connection with the women. Then they awkwardly do it before getting on the tube to sort of wrap it up and that doesn't go.  

Another turn off is a guy doesn’t ask you any questions and can’t stop talking about himself. The other thing is if they asked you too many questions and it's like an interview. Especially if these questions they don't care about.Some other epic turn-off ended being too many emotions and talking about ex-girlfriends  

When it comes to the text messages there is a point where a guy could be too flirty or too sexy with you. Especially because a lot of guys don't want to be the nice guy or just the friend or they don't wantto get into the friend zone. So, they go way overboard and end up just saying something that's just mental.  

A big NO turned out to be cancelling plans, being inconsistent, incisive, and acting flaky. In the early phases of dating its texting and calling too much, or simply said- being too clingy.

In summary

Turnoffs are being indecisive and flaky. Not being able to make a decision or being able to make a plan for the day. Obvious stuff like BO (hygiene) and you'd be surprised about this but sometimes you get guys that literally have bits of food in their teeth when they turn up to the date. Other turn-offs are being too forceful and being too forward without establishing enough connection.

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