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3 Cheeky Ways To Get A Guy To Approach You!

3 Cheeky Ways To Get A Guy To Approach You!

Three cheeky lines

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February 2, 2022
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If you know anything about me, you'll know I'm passionate about encouraging you to meet people in real life. Online dating can be great of course. However, meeting people in real life could be what you need to feel excited and enthusiastic about your dating life. If you're unsure how to make the first move in a way that is still feminine, and allows him to approach you, read on. I have three cheeky lines that you can use to get guys to start a conversation with you at a bar.

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Line number one to get him to approach you

To get a conversation started and make him think he approached you use the following line:

Hey, do you mind taking a picture of me and my friend?

This is a great one, particularly as in the age of social media, we are also used to documenting our lives. This can be a great way to loop a guy that you're attracted to, into doing what I call an act of service. An act of service is essentially getting him to do a little task for you. Give him an opportunity to show how much he likes you. Taking the photo is a great one, because you get a bit of immediate feedback on his interest levels.

If he takes one photo and gives you your phone back, you will know he's not all that focused. But, if he spends a lot of time trying to get that perfect picture for you, this could be going somewhere.

Having your phone open in your hand is a brilliant opportunity to show him a picture on social media that you like. At this point he should ask to swap social media contact details.

Line number two to get him to approach you

My second cheeky way to start a conversation at a bar is to say:

Is it okay if I steal your space at the bar?

The fact that you're asking to steal his space, is a matter of chivalry here is he gives it up. By speaking to him in a way that is playful and informal, you will demonstrates to him that you're open and able to talk to him.

Remember right now, and I say this from coaching loads of men as well, there's a tonne of guys out there who would love to start a conversation with you. But they're not sure what's the right thing to say or if they're allowed. So if you give him a strong signal of being approachable, it will help to build his confidence. If he feels confident he should take the lead from there on in!

Line number three to get him to approach you

My third and final cheeky line is actually very low key. It will help you if you're not the most extroverted or confident at the moment. If you feel a bit awkward doing anything that can be considered a first move, using an observation can be a great way to kick start the conversation.  

So say you're both queuing up for the bar and you can say:

It's crazy busy in here. OR I can't believe the queue for the bar.

Either way, you're not necessarily speaking to him directly. You're just putting a comment out there about something that's happening around you. He can then piggyback on your observation and use it to kickstart the conversation if he's interested, single and has the confidence to do so.


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