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Would you choose a cute puppy or a hot date?

Would you choose a cute puppy or a hot date?

Would you choose a cute puppy or a hot date?

March 28, 2017
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It's a big question: a cute puppy or a hot date?

But seriously.... your time is your most valuable asset. I know this is a dumb video of a cute puppy running around (and yes he is arguably cuter than the stock footage hunky guy I found).

Hard choices: Cute Puppy... or a Hot Boyfriend?

But still... if we can't think how we spend our time; if we throw away our hours scrolling Facebook we only have ourselves to blame. Goals need action towards them.So if you're serious about taking action and taking the steps to meet him and make the first move in REAL LIFE you need to join my amazing Bootcamp for women- Going Renegade!

Going Renegade is a unique training course for women. It teaches how to meet men in real life and get confidence back.

We will teach you great new dating skills useful both online and offline. After the 4 weeks, we will get you to drop the excuses and take control over your own dating path choosing to date your own way.

On this course, you are going to:

  • change your mindset and attitude towards dating
  • learn more about personal branding and online dating
  • update your personal styling and lifestyle
  • get help in setting boundaries with people

After a month with us, you will never again choose a cute puppy over a hot date- you will have both of them!  

To learn more do not hesitate to email us at hello@hayleyquinn.com  

Looking forward to having you at the Going Renegade Bootcamp!

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