CO-ED social mixer

CO-ED Summer Mixer is HERE!

CO-ED Summer Mixer

I am beyond excited to announce CO-ED Summer Mixer mixer event!

Rather than any matchmaking, this is an unparalleled chance to ask a bunch of men about what they’re really thinking. And they can do the same for us!

At the HQ Club mixer, we break down the wall between men and women. We do this to create a platform for open dialogue between the two clubs. This in return allows us to learn from each other and gain insight into what the opposite sex is thinking… and perhaps a little more?

Let’s break those walls down

summer mixer

About Hayley Quinn Club

As a member of the club (in addition to free attendance to CO-ED Summer Mixer!) you get:

  • Access to top course Love Revolution

  • Private access to webinar vault

  • Meeting Wing women at premier events

  • Monthly member events

  • Downloadable how-to tutorials and cheat sheets

  • Weekly live demonstration of live approaches

  • Access to 50+ hours of online content

  • Facebook Group – 24/7 access to coaches

  • Weekly videos of career, fitness, fashion and playlists

  • We’re a family
  • Community, friendships
  • Meet people going through the same experiences
  • Develop a good relationship with coaches
  • Get high access to our coaches

To join you have to be a Hayley Quinn Club member – Join HERE

If you have any question you can always drop us a line at [email protected]

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