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Dating Disrupted - The Curious Nature of Sex

Dating Disrupted - The Curious Nature of Sex

Dating Disrupted hear my interview and my new podcast The Curious Nature of Sex

October 20, 2017
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Can a Feminist Dating Coach help you find love?

Listen to my latest podcast The Curious Nature of Sex- Dating Disrupted.

Listen to my new podcast 'The Curious Nature of Sex' to explore dating disrupted. How is the dating world changing? How do single women really experience dating?

As I'm pretty sure a song once said, 'Time's Are A'Changing...' dating disrupted means we can't play by the dating rules of the past and have hope that they will work in 2017. I am a firm believer that modern men and women need to re-vamp how they approach each other in dating and love.

In this new podcast, I will be talking sex, tech and intimacy with author Nichi Hodgson, Sex Tech Founder Stephanie Alys and I will be coaching TEDx speaker Rosie Allen on her dating life. Rosie has had one date so far (full stop) and wants to take her first dip in the waters of London's dating scene.

If you are currently a little lost in dating I'd take a listen. Yes, it is a podcast by women but we welcome all male listeners and fellow dating disrupted explorers. In this very first episode we discuss:

  • What Tinder means by 'men-provement'
  • Can being a Feminist help you find love?
  • Weinstein...
  • Why you don't have to listen to Jane Austen
  • Why you should always dump someone who says you're acting crazy
  • And why if you're single there's nothing wrong with you (promise)

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