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Is it easier to meet men online or in real life?

Is it easier to meet men online or in real life?

Social Experiment: Which one do you prefer?

Meeting In Real Life
January 6, 2017
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Hey team!

It’s Hayley Quinn here with another in the field social experiment. I like to call this one IRL vs URL. We are indeed in the age of online dating - sites like Zoosk and Tinder aim to offer a hassle and embarrassment free approach to dating. And let’s be honest - when it comes to dating, the fear of embarrassment often keeps us on the sidelines. But is it worth it? Technology is a great thing, but is it a proper substitute for real face to face human interaction? Not sure... well, my events manager Alex and I hit the streets to find out if you could meet more men online or in real life.

Watch Hayley's video comparing IRL vs Online Dating

The Experiment

Alex and I both armed with our wits and cell phones started swiping right and messaging as many men as we could. Dating with balls was the theme so while we waited for responses, we hit the streets of London for the controversial "Women starting conversations with guys."  

First, we spotted a pair of friends and playfully asked for directions to Whole Foods. The guys were nice and tried to help us. For a few moments, we had a nice conversation but the guys seemed like they weren’t exactly on the same wavelength as us, so we moved on. Our longest conversation of the day was with two guys at a juice bar. They were a bit young but cute nonetheless. At first, they seemed a little caught off guard. Most men are not used to women coming up and starting conversations with them.  

Before ending our experiment, we spoke to a true gentleman Chris. We asked him if he could take a picture of us an ice breaker he obliged and we had a nice chat. Chris seemed to be a bit nervous throughout the chat so we let him be on his way.

The Conclusion

In the end, we interacted with about them the same number of guys online as we did in real life. With that being said, the quality of guys we met in real life was substantially higher than the ones we met online. So, the moral of the story? Go out and start conversations with people! This empowered dating approach finally puts the power in the woman’s hands.  

The key is to just put yourself out there. When you do that, you will begin to meet guys who're secure enough in themselves to be ready to be with you. So, meet in real life. You might be surprised at who you meet.

To join on meeting men in real life check out my awesome HQ Club for women committed to meeting him in real life  


Hayley x

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