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Getting stressed & demotivated? Reset with me

Reset your life

Health warning! Modern life will get you stressed & demotivated as a side-effect of various situations:

  • The guy you liked disappearing after your date (thanks Tinder)
  • Colleagues/ families/ transport/ so-called friends testing your patience levels
  • …and don’t get me started on people you meet who suck you dry of your energy

You may think that this is life but if you’re living life this way BE WARNED it will ding your social and dating life.

So, here are some warning signs this is you…

  • You’re giving up on men/ people in general. Thoughts like ‘I am never going to get what I want’ spring on you… and sometimes they stick around making you want to hide from the world.
  • You feel so drained that you can’t make it out after work to actually meet anyone.
  • You allow yourself to get stressed out and unhappy by others wearing you down.

To fix it I’m bringing a brand new style of a workshop to you called Urban Reset to London!

If you can’t get to central London on November 15th here are some immediate steps you can take from home.

First, you’ve got to understand if your emotions are getting on top of you. They might be holding you back from leading the life you want the only person you’re hurting is yourself.

To stop you getting in the way of you you need to develop a couple of helpful mindsets to make sure you don’t let bad experiences trap you forever.

Here’s one you can use now…


Sounds a bit care bear-y but let me show you how useful this can be for you.

After one great date, he’s nowhere to be seen. Annoying.

You can either think all men are evil, flakey, frustrating human beings. Send him a frustrated message. Send him a NEEDY message. Or just feel rubbish or week.


You can go ‘ok he doesn’t know me that well yet, he doesn’t get it. That may not be to do with me, this could be a phase in his life and unrelated to me. And I need a man who is strong and consistent so he’s helped me out by showing me what he’s about now rather than later. Next time I’m going to be much more switched onto judging his behaviour. I’ll also be braver next time in being who I am and stating what I want. Phew! Glad I got that sorted out in my head… back to my life.’

In conclusion, better thought loops = more energy, motivation and finding the right guy. YES!

So if you are based in London come and see me on November 15th at my URBAN RESET at Yotopia in Covent Garden – I will be spending 90 minutes working with a small group of people to reboot your mind and get you back out there.

And for everyone else, to stop feeling stressed & demotivated, book your coaching session with me today.  It is time to start thinking about how you can change things to help you to keep motivated. It is time to put yourself in the right headspace for love.


Hayley x

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