How to meet more men in real life – with no need to swipe right

How to meet more men in real life is something that you may of often be thinking as you’re sitting through a lacklustre tinder date.

how to meet more men in real life

Especially with a man who is slurring his way through a humble brag about knowing the manager of the establishment.

Sometimes when you do arrange to meet up with the guy and he texts you, ”hey, I won’t be able to meet tonight, something has come up with my friends, sorry.”

Or you meet and think “hmmm, did he think I wouldn’t notice that he is was 20Ibs heavier and 5 years older than his picture?”

You think to yourself, “he’s lied and disappointed me already and we haven’t even got through the starter”.

It’s a bit like when you get on a plane and someone plunks them self down next you and it smells like a cross between and elderly man’s foot and burnt hair. Or as I call it, hygiene bingo.

Leaving you sat in Nando’s pondering, ‘how did it get to this? A year ago I was happy, I was living with my dream guy. And its all gone. My joy has been repossessed.’

Now my options are suit banker and wears-too-much-Joop wanker.

Or arty geezer who says he’s a writer but actually a farty Barista.

This can often induce a feeling of, “ how do I meet more men in real life ?”

Fortunately there is a vast choice of places where you can learn how to meet more men in real life . However the tools and skills to meet them are often overlooked and under utilized.

There are likely to be very datable men open to conversation (and even a date!) in places you are frequenting every day.

A huge advantage of learning how to meet more men in real life  as opposed to online is if you meet a guy in a book store and built up a rapport and get to know each other over 10 mins and then give him your phone number; you will stand out compared to someone he’s just swiped on a dating app.

The first scenario is laced with serendipity and a first-hand connection without competitors. The second is not.

As a coach my personal favourite scenarios in which to meet people are, a social circle that you have grown organically, and the second is the daytime in shops, bookstores etc…

This is because the there is no option to swipe right in a book store. If you make an approach in this type of scenario, you are likely to have that person’s attention and most likely have a pleasant interaction.

Men don’t get the chance to swipe right whilst you’re talking and say, “yeah that’s great, but I haven’t seen any pictures of you building mud huts in Malaysia so I’m not going to bother”.

In reality he’ll most likely admire the set of balls on you (figurative, I hope) and want to continue talking to you because you have done what 99% of people won’t do.

That’s at least one example of how to meet a guy in real life

From a coach’s perspective, our clients that work with Team HQ (who want to learn how to meet more men in real life ) do not have many issues with being creative in terms of finding men. The hurdle that needs to be jumped over is the one of the social stigma that comes with approaching men.

An issue with both men and women in terms of dating and relationships is that they do not realise that the ability to talk to strangers is a learnable skill.

In the case of the women they often think, he hasn’t come and said hello, therefore he doesn’t find me attractive. This thought process is wildly inaccurate.

how to meet more men in real life

The biggest reason why men won’t approach women even if they think they are really attractive is that they are scared of rejection.

Rather than focusing on what the other party is not doing, this becomes irrelevant when you take hundred percent responsibility. At we like personal responsibility which is why we teach you how to meet more men in real life

This rule goes for our male and female clients. Fortunately the social stigma can be lessened with these perceptions with what is actually going on.

You can indirectly approach him and pass him the conversational baton in which he feels like he is doing the flirting. (No fear of rejection necessary!)

Besides the feeling of ‘what if’ is worse than the feeling of rejection.

By doing the approach you are doing everything in your power to improve your dating life, therefore no regrets.

Three important factors to align for you to improve the quantity and quality of men you are meeting and how to meet more men in real life :

Decide what qualities and values are important to you.

One of the most exciting and fascinating elements of dedicating time to your romantic life is the variety of qualities in people you can explore.

Whatever facet, type, or style, there is a man for who encompasses those attributes.

This is something at the Hayley Quinn Club we are really big on, is outlining it is what you like about people and then the journey, not the other way round.

A few examples here

Who are the most attractive people I’ve interacted with and what qualities did they have in common?

Where did I meet these people?

Was there something happening in my life making this more likely to happen?

Dedicating time to improving attraction skills

A huge myth around dating and meeting more guys is that your ability to be attractive is static, you cannot improve and what you get given is final. This could not be further from the truth.

Many of our clients start at point X and then with the combination of effort and a good strategy drastically improve their results to achieve point Y (happiness and fulfilment).

Really harmful dating propaganda for women (which we don’t believe in!) is always promoting the idea that looks are paramount to attracting men.

Whilst looking healthy and hygienic is essential, aesthetics are just a fraction of what brings people together.

Unfortunately this is often used as an excuse for why people can’t date. They adopt the attitude of capitulation, stick their flag in the ground and think, well maybe I can be good at other stuff like Facebook posts and bunting.

I want you to change and analyse your own negative thoughts and any unhelpful ideas around dating that are keeping you stuck and stopping you from learning how to meet more men in real life

“I can’t talk to him, he’s too good looking for me”

“Men only like dumb, blonde women, I’m not prepared to be like that”

“If a man is confident he’ll approach me.”

“All the guys that approach me are players.”

These last two statements maybe related…

Luckily attraction can be learned, these are five qualities that will make any women more attractive (with practise).






You can now move towards a new equation for how to meet more men in real life, which is personal charisma + willingness to begin a conversation + great venue selection= more dates.

To be strategic with your venues and limited time build up a picture of what kind of guy you want to meet and where he maybe.

Some simple questions you can ask yourself to begin to identify venues so you learn how to meet more men in real life –

Roughly how old is my ideal partner?

What job does my ideal guy do?

What does he do for fun?

You now can make good and informed choices about the places you are going to meet these love prospects.

If you are a bookworm and reading 19th century Russian literature and thought of a man doing the same steams up your tortoise shell specs, then you should orientate in circles where these men will be.

If you look burley rugby types who will carry you home when those stilettos are just too painful, the you have idea of where to look.

Being within these social circles will also give you a big advantage over the women that he is meeting online. As good and as efficient online apps are, their biggest weakness is they con people into an illusion of choice and don’t allow you to really show all the qualities that make you great.

Now that we’re done with the fundamentals of how to meet more men in real life, you can now start to plan where 🙂 excited to hear more about your journey, JackHQ

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