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4.8/5 (5,500+ clients)

Dating coach for men and women

Build your confidence, meet people IRL and develop practical dating skills with the help of top dating coach and relationship expert Hayley Quinn.

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For privacy reasons we have changed some of our customers' identifying information at their request.

trusted dating coach & Relationship expert

Transform your dating life with the help of an expert

Dating can make you feel a lot of things: Totally out of your depth, profoundly vulnerable, and also painfully frustrated. Whether you’re a “beginner” at dating who’s trying to find their feet, or have had more than your fair share of bad experiences; dating successfully requires resilience. That's where having a coach in your corner can help you. My team and I specialise in teaching you practical, real world tools to transform your dating life. 

With over a decade of experience in the dating industry, I've had the privilege of working with thousands of men and women from all walks of life. You may have seen my TEDx talk, books on dating, or YouTube videos. My coaching approach is rooted in empathy, personal growth, and a deep understanding of the intricacies of modern dating. Working with me, and my dedicated team, you’ll learn real life skills to meet, date and build relationships with the people you choose.

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Learn the skills to date in IRL

Together we'll find ways to improve your confidence and expand your comfort zone.


What male clients are saying about Hayley Quinn

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Before finding you, I was literally stuck in a dating rut!!

"The key thing working with you was how you blend perspectives from both men and women. It's given me a totally new understanding of dating that I never got from other coaches."

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Eric C.
Austin, US

What female clients are saying

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Getting Married - Thank You!!

"As you know I met my boyfriend just a couple of weeks after your program finished. I think the real-life interactions and meeting people in person helped me to change some of my ways so much faster. 100% I could not be happier :) Thank you for everything Hayley!"

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Jennifer L.
Santa Fe, US

Get personal 1-to-1 feedback from me

For 15 years I’ve been the UK’s leading dating coach and relationship expert. I’ve coached men and women to conquer their fears and change their dating lives: Whether that’s finally having the confidence to meet people in real life, letting go of a 'situationship', re-building their dating profiles or finally getting to the root cause of what’s holding them back.

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Happy customers worldwide

What more clients are saying about Hayley Quinn

Explore the success stories and transformational experiences of my countless satisfied clients, highlighting the real-world impact of my dating and relationships expertise.

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Boosting Self-Esteem and Confidence

"Hayley and her experienced team are nothing short of dynamic and inspirational. Their insight, patience and wisdom has completely re-shaped my apporach to dating. I have traveled from a place of low self-belief and esteem to a place of confidence and value. Hayley is gifted not only in the coaching of men and women's dating but also has an awesome ability to create a supportive community among her students. I couldn't have asked for more."

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Chris A.
London, UK
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Hayley Is Incredible!

"This woman is incredible - if you can, get on one of her intensives! I took part in the Going Renegade for woman for a weekend and it was amazing - a great way to learn and develop skills for approaching and speaking to men. I met a lovely bunch of supportive woman and we stay in touch and still meet up to practice our skills together  out on the town!!"

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Rosie A.
London, UK
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From Montreal to London: An Amazing Adventure

"I travelled from Canada to London to join one of Hayley's programs. As a foreigner who loves British culture it was AMAZING visiting bars and clubs with Hayley and her crew. The skills taught are useful not only in romantic relationships but also for making friends and business networking. I would definitely do this again! So if you like traveling and are willing to approach new people, just do it!"

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Mackenzie P.
Montreal, Canada
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Magical Times :)

"I'm still high from the weekend lol thank you everyone, I feel like I'm in a adult version of Harry Potter, going around casting spells"

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Tandy M.
London, UK
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Finally Took The Plunge!

"A life-changing experience I'd put off for years, but finally took the plunge! Hayley and her team are incredibly welcoming and immediately put you at ease. I was initially skeptical, fearing another 'PUA' program, but boy, was I wrong! They're flexible, relaxed, and empower you to be yourself, offering unwavering support. If you're not where you want to be in your dating life, sign up with Hayley and her amazing coaches—you won't regret it!"

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Bertrand B.
Cardiff, Wales

For privacy reasons we have changed some of our customers' identifying information at their request.

ethical dating standards

Let's turn up the volume on who you are, not learn cheap lines

My team of dating coaches and I are committed to promoting ethical dating practices. Our focus is on empowering you to navigate the dating landscape with integrity and authenticity.

I want you to get better at meeting people IRL, communicating what you want and understanding how to become the most attractive version of yourself.

This journey should be about turning up the volume on who you are, not learning some cheap lines that ultimately undermine your self esteem. We will be able to pinpoint your dating blindspots and give you the exact tools and exercises you need to overcome your sticking points with dating. Time to break a habit of a lifetime and become truly successful at dating. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the world's best dating coach?

Hayley Quinn is the #1 dating coach for men and women. She has 3 million views on her TEDx talk about love and dating; over 100,000 YouTube subscribers and has published two books on relationships with leading global publishers ("The Last First Date", Harper Collins, 2022 and "Do This, Not That: Dating", Simon & Schuster, 2023). Through her unique “meet people in real life” live coaching events based in New York City and London, and her online dating programmes, she’s coached thousands of men and women to find love, confidence and self belief. To learn more about Hayley’s story and values check out “Who Is Hayley Quinn?”.

What does a dating coach do?

Dating coaches help men and women to achieve the results they want in their dating lives: this can be through building up theoretical knowledge, working on mindset, or practical training exercises. To better understand both sexes, Hayley works equally with men and women and specialises in building your confidence to meet people in real life.

How do I find the right dating coach?

Finding the right dating coach is unique to everyone. Different coaches offer different forms of training and different ethics and values. To choose the right dating coach, first check out their website and social media. Is this a person who you feel is trustworthy and whose values align with yours? When you’re looking for dating advice also be wary of anyone who seems to offer “quick fixes” or that there’s “one magic solution”: There really isn’t! Improving your dating life, just like improving your fitness or career prospects takes dedication, time and consistent effort. 

Finally make sure the dating advice that’s on offer is applicable and useful. It’s nice to talk aspirationally about how being confident will change your life, but unless someone gives you the tangible steps to get there your coaching journey won’t go very far. Hayley Quinn is unique in her step by step practical exercises to get you out and dating in the real world: She’ll take you to the edge of your comfort zone, but will feel like you’re going on that journey with your best friend.

Is paying for a dating coach worth it?

Paying for a dating coach is often far more rewarding than simply reading a book, or watching an online dating coaching programme. If you find dating is never a priority, or you feel too overwhelmed to really know where to start, one on one dating coaching could be what you need to make a significant breakthrough. Before you start dating coaching it is worth having realistic expectations about how long dating coaching will take, as this will also impact your budget. When you’re considering costs, think about the long term cost of investing in coaching for 3-12 months: This is much more likely to yield you results, no one has a magic wand that can change your life in a single session. 

If you’d like to learn faster, and have some budget to invest in coaching, then in-person coaching sessions will accelerate your learning and and get you results faster. Hayley offers dating bootcamps in NYC and London. Finally, if dating coaching feels too expensive then you could try an online programme (Hayley Quinn offers her Wingman and Wingwoman club) which include a monthly group coaching call and forum access so you still get a degree of individual coaching. Before you pay for dating coaching also sign up to free dating advice newsletters, and follow the coaches you like on social media, you will be able to get a lot of free dating tips and decide when is the right time for you to pay for a dating coach.

Is Hayley Quinn a London dating coach or does she work in NYC, Los Angeles, San Fran and other global cities?

Hayley Quinn runs dating bootcamps in New York City (USA) and London (UK). All the courses have online dating coaching options available meaning you can join in from anywhere in the world. Hayley also offers in-person Private Coaching to clients from around the world, and has created bespoke programs in clients' home cities including NYC, San Fran, Chicago, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Paris.

Does Hayley Quinn do online dating coaching?

Hayley Quinn offers online dating coaching via 1-to-1 videocalls. Hayley also has an online community for dating advice that is accessible to Wingwoman Club and Wingman Club members — where you can ask your dating questions and watch Hayley’s online dating courses.

Does Hayley Quinn offer free coaching?

Hayley Quinn doesn’t offer free dating coaching however you can read her dating advice on her blog "Learn to Love Dating".

Does Hayley Quinn work with men or women?

Hayley Quinn is a dating coach who works with men and women in the US, UK and Europe, gaining unparalleled insights into what single men and women want.

Is Hayley Quinn a relationship coach?

Hayley Quinn is a leading dating coach, described by Hollywood’s elite as “the best pickup artist in the world”. She offers advice as a relationship expert for a wide variety of publications from Cosmopolitan to the Independent, and is a spokesperson for Match.

Where can I get dating advice and tips from Hayley Quinn?

You can ask Hayley and her team of dating coaches your questions in Wingwoman Club or Wingman Club. Hayley also regularly posts her best dating advice on her blog.

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