10 Truths About Daytime Approaches

Daytime Approaching 101

It is written into the stars that if you’ve decided to ditch nightclubs for good and meet women during the daytime the following scenarios will happen!

Every week for 5 years I have solidly coached men to meet women during the daytime. Not because I believe in street harassment, but because I know one of the best places for great guys to meet great women is not at 2 am, drunk, in a club.

So if you’re thinking about getting out in the broad daylight to find the perfect woman here are some tips from my front line of coaching so you know what to expect…

1. You will see the perfect woman… but she will be walking at lightning speed and wearing headphones, scary.

2. You will attempt to approach a woman, wait for the perfect moment and inadvertently follow her down the street. Being a nice man and not a stalker. This psyches you out to the sidelines.

3. You will see the perfect woman… and she’s on the other side of the street.

4. You will attempt to approach a woman, mutter something about directions, and then leave.

5. You will see the perfect woman… and she has a boyfriend.

6. You will attempt to approach a woman, and a garbage truck will reverse towards you at just the wrong moment.

7. You will see the perfect woman… and she won’t be quite as perfect close up.

8. You will attempt to approach a woman, and forget to ask for her name, let alone her number.

9. You will see the perfect woman… and you will regret not saying hi to her for the rest of the day.

10. You will one fine day, see the perfect woman, approach her, get to know her, realise she’s still a great girl, and take her for a coffee right there and then.

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Hayley Quinn

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Her goal is to bridge the gap with modern dating and help inspire people to learn to love dating.

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