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3 Subtle Signals she wants you to ask her out

November 4, 2022
▪ 5 mins read

Signals she is interested in you

Signals she is interested in you

If you want to meet more women right now, I bet you’re looking for signals that she’s interested in you.

But signals can be confusing, perhaps you’re worried that...

  • You’re missing opportunities by not noticing her signals.
  • You just don’t get any signals from women at all.
  • You can’t approach unless you get a clear signal.

Here’s the thing: Often women aren’t that in control of the signals they send out. Even when they’re signalling something it often gets misinterpreted.So the only true way to know if she’s open to getting to know you is to talk to her.

Of course, if you approach a woman and she immediately seems hesitant, in any way uncomfortable, stops making eye contact or doesn’t offer her name, get out of there! Wish her a good day and move on. Likewise, if a woman is not responding online just drop it. Chasing wastes your time and energy, make you feel down and can make her feel really uncomfortable.

So with that big caveat out of the way, what are some subtle signals that you might have missed?

Remember, women won’t often directly make a move.

There are lots of good reasons for this. She thinks it’s your role, she wants to see if you like her. She may even worry that you won’t value her if she makes a move. And yes we probably should have thrown off these shackles by now, but it is what it is.

However, that doesn’t mean women don’t do ANYTHING to help you to approach them. Just because she doesn’t take your step in the dance, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t make any steps at all!

Women will often give you space to make your move.

Back in the mists of time women used to drop handkerchiefs or use their fans to suggest they wanted you to approach, so it’s always been a 2-way street.

Anyway onto the signals she might want you to ask her out...

1. She hangs around and waits for you

Maybe this is after class, at college or a dance or yoga class.

You might notice her taking extra long to pack up her things, or walking out at the same time as you. This may be a signal that she’s trying to find time for you to talk to her.She may give you eye contact, stop to tie her shoelaces, or check her mobile phone, whilst looking at you...

A really simple conversation starter like, "it always takes me forever to leave class too..." can be helpful here to test the water.

If she’s happy you’re speaking to her she’ll be able to engage in the conversation.

If you’ve misread the signal then it’s a neutral enough way to start the conversation that no one’s going to feel uncomfortable.

2.She indicates her availability

Women who aren’t interested in dating you will be perpetually aloof and non-committal about the meeting.

If she's open to you asking her out, she will probably say something to suggest her availability, "my friend cancelled..." "no set plans this weekend..." She could even take this one step further and drop into a conversation about how she lives alone or with a roommate to let you know that she isn’t currently in a relationship.

Likewise, women who want to send a clear "no thanks" will often be quick to bring up a boyfriend or husband.

Remember if a woman isn’t giving you her time, and your suggestions about meeting up are being met with a constant `maybe’ then she shouldn’t be meeting your minimum standards checklist.

If you’re not sure what this should be and want to attract an amazing girlfriend, then check out my free standards checklist here.

3. She engages with you online

Does she:

  • Follow you on social media
  • Watches all your stories
  • Likes a photo out of the blue.
  • It could also be that a woman you almost went on a date with in the past reaches, out of the blue with a message.

Again none of this is conclusive, you now need to make your move to find out, but it could signal that she’s more open-minded to romance right now.Of course, I want you to become much more aware of the signals women send, and also learn to become a better initiator.A lot of the time her attraction is a reaction to how you engage with her.

So whilst looking out for signals is helpful, creating attraction with her (and opportunities for yourself) by becoming clear, confident, and purposeful in your dating life is MORE important.

I know communicating your intentions can feel difficult. Should you be direct and confident? Or more subtle? But you don’t want to just be her friend... so what do you do?

I love to teach guys a "third way" to communicate that walks the line between being subtle and socially aware, and attractive and masculine. You can learn it too with my Attraction Point programme.

20 subtle signs she might be interested

I hope you find this checklist useful.

Please remember though her attraction to you is often a reaction to how you interact with her.

It's a bit like the chicken and the egg, if you haven't interacted with her much, you probably won't get a strong signal from her!

So your best bet is to start getting to know her (remember the standards we worked on together in my programme "Attraction Point"?) because there's a limit to how into her you should be until she's contributed to your interaction.

I really hope this blog has helped you, and as always huge respect from me for having the courage to tackle this area of your life.

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