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Attraction lessons: dealing with a Siren

February 26, 2016
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A seductive archetype figure

A seductive archetype figure

Before I came here on this podcast, I worked as a ghostwriter for many of the famous pickup artists in the world. Then I became a dating coach and helped thousands of men to approach women. I work with women as well. So I've got a pretty good insight in terms of what women are thinking and feeling. And now I've gone renegade on the whole thing, and I'm trying to teach awesome life hacks and principles to get into the zone I call real love. It is all about you owning who you are. Owning your identity. And through that, becoming amazingly sexy to women. So that is my thing. I have a little topic every week for the show. And the one this week is the siren.

Not like police sirens- sirens as in women like Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra. A siren is a seductive archetype figure. It's a way women becomes seductive and arousing to men. And one of the roles that really gets guys going, as I've heard is that of the siren. Now, the siren is a woman who really embodies sexuality, she owns her sexuality. She walks into a room and she does what the other women don't dare to do.

She wears her sexuality. It doesn't mean that she's wearing the least clothing. It just means that she's so secure in her sexual presence, it radiates off of her. Often she is a little theatrical, and there's an element of performance. Being with her is the most otter escapism because when you're with her, it's just a pleasure.

The siren is a seductive archetype that I have stolen from Robert Greene's book The Art of Seduction. Worth a read if you guys want to add something to your reading list.

Real-life siren

So today, I thought I'd bring in a real-life siren. I thought I'll spice things up and get a sexy babe in the studio. And my studio sexy babe of the day is a lovely lady called Martina.

Martina, can you tell the guys a little bit about who you are and what you do?


So first of all, I am a siren.I was born a siren. It's always been in me. I am an artist. I am just a free spirit. A dancer. I work as a dancer at the moment. And I just love to travel and enjoy life.


Right, so Martina was originally born in the Czech Republic in the woods, literally. And then somehow ended up in Australia then ends up getting married to an artist from Lebanon. She travelled the world having love affairs in Bali and California and then ended up back in London, where she is a dancer and she's totally brilliant. I actually met her as a dancer. I think I flirted with her.

I flirted with Martina because she just stood out from everybody else that was in there. She was doing her own thing. She wasn't concerned about how everybody else looked or presented themselves. And I clocked that and thought, Okay, this is someone who's a real individual.

Since then Martina and I've had some relatively debauch nights out. But she's also been an extremely good, loyal straight-up friend. And all the time I've seen how people react to her sexual presence and what she exudes. So I want to pick up brains.

With a woman who's got so much male attention all the time, what is a no-no for her? What kind of traps to guys fall into because they just fall for her on the spot? And what can you do as a man to stand out in the crowd? I don't even like that phrasing, by the way, because I think if you're doing you properly, there isn't a crowd. There's just you. So over to Martina. Quick question to begin with, then. Because of the persona, of who you are, what you're about and your sexuality, do you find that guys often think that they have more of a connection to you than they actually do?


It's not because of my sexuality, it's because I am a very easygoing person in general. And I have the ability to make people feel really comfortable in my presence. I'm very open-minded and like to talk about any topic.


So how would you say you're different than to others of dancers or the other people?


I'm just myself. I'm confident in who I am. I know myself really well. I feel that I know my values. And I just like to play, I don't take life too seriously. I like to play, I like to flirt.


This is the natural siren. Playfulness, flirtation, spontaneity, and confidence. When a guy is in that presence, there is immediate sexual attraction. So if a guy is speaking to you, there are some things that he would do inadvertently. Is there anything that you're wary of, or that repels you?


I can tell very easily when a man gets intimidated by me. And that is a turnoff. I am attracted to in men, is theirconfidence, and who they are, and when they're strong.

They have to be who they are. And they have to be confident. They don't have to be the most attractive man in the world, but to have a bit of spark and intelligence is very important. Obviously, I will never respond to a guy saying the usual quotes that you read in a magazine. He just has to be genuine, you know, authenticity?

The whole interview between Martina and me can be listened to below!

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