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Bi-Curious Me: Dating Coach Hayley Quinn in Channel 4 documentary

Behind the scene...

June 16, 2013
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Behind the scene

If you've ever wondered whether I practice what I preach, and what I get up to when I'm not coaching people (women too) to approach, attract, meet and date more... then you need to check out: Channel 4 Cutting Edge Documentary 'Bi-Curious Me' on this Thursday 20th at 10 pm GMT

I haven't seen it yet so it's pretty nerve-wracking! But I can promise it will include:

  • HONEST details of my life that I wanted to share (I always ask people to be totally open with me, so I wanted to do the same)
  • INFIELD (if you like!!!) footage of me approaching people & practising what I preach
  • SASHA DAYGAME cameo - as well as other great interviews from my friends.
  • OPEN DIALOGUE about my loves, life and dating philosophy.

I wanted to share this insight with people because despite being a little controversial in the documentary it's important for everyone to know there's a NEW, FREER way we can approach relationships whilst keeping our INTEGRITY.


So make sure you check out Channel 4 Cutting Edge Documentary 'Bi-Curious Me' on this Thursday 20th at 10 pm GMT

Speak soon,

Hayley x

ps. tons of stuff changing at HQ so keep checking back at Hayley Quinn for new events, teachings and REAL, no BS, natural dating advice x

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