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How To Recognise The Signs- Approaching Women On The Street

How to approach her on the street?

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November 17, 2012
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I wrote to you before on the topic of Approaching women during the day. When it comes to approaching women on the street, my general rule of thumb is:It’s so easy to find a reason NOT to approach a woman during the day that there aren’t any excuses.Bottom line- if you’re attracted to her and want to approach her, then just do it!

That doesn't mean I'm a tyrant though.I doget that this is easier said than done. So, I’ve put together some signs you can look out for to make things a little simpler!

Signs that someone is open to interact with you

  • Is she walking at a slow pace, looking around, stopping and starting? Maybe even making eye contact with strangers? Or is she walking quickly, eyes down, in work clothes out of the tube at 8:30? One of these women is more likely to positively engage. The former list suggests she has time to chat with strangers and so you won’t be immediately perceived as a disturbance but, as a surprise.
  • If a woman is on the phone you’ve got maybe 25% chance of her paying you any attention. Getting her to shift focus is a huge commitment on her part to speaking with you. But, if she really strikes you, still go ahead and try!
  • If she has headphones, you should always gesture for her to take them out but. Be prepared to follow up with the conversation. No one wants to have a stranger interrupt their music and then stand like a stunned mullet in front of her.
  • Women standing in front of shops or tube stations (looking bored and checking their phones every thirty seconds) are generally waiting for a friend and trying to pass time. |Now is probably the best opportunity you’ll have to be a welcome interruption to their boredom!

Rejection while approaching women on the street

I’m not saying that rejection isn’t scary, but I am saying that you can make it your friend. Rejection breeds resilience and the more we are exposed to it the stronger we become. And you know what else? That means, in the long run, you’re less likely to be exposed to it altogether.

If you don’t ever try, you are already rejecting yourself every single day. Stop missing out on opportunities for fear. If you want to be a confident guy then stop being a fearful one. You’ll never see new horizons when you’re too scared to board the plane...

To start embracing your fears, and fully enjoying the moment, get in touch with me to talk about how I can help you to achieve your goals and never be nervous again to approach women on the street.

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