Is ‘Daygame’ OK?

3 fail-proof principles to approach women during the daytime

I know that you’re getting mixed messages about whether it is ok or not to meet women during the daytime. That phenomenon coined by some good friends of mine as ‘daygame’.

So as ever I thought I’d test out public opinion by doing some daygame of sorts myself. I did so by stopping random bystanders to see what their opinion of this controversial topic was. You can watch (the at times funny at times really thoughtful) video on my Youtube!

I’m actually 100% in favour of daygame (& people being freer to communicate with one another generally) but just remember to stick to my 3 fail-safe principles to do this:

1. Tell the truth.

Don’t approach a woman under false pretences… If you’re not looking for a Starbucks and actually are attracted to her don’t wrap up attraction as an insincere question. She’ll know you’re not being truthful and you’ll get immediately dinged.

2. Be respectful

Not all women will appreciate you telling them they’ve got a great butt. Some will, others not so much. It can be hard to judge that situation but your best bet to avoid stepping into a creepy zone is to keep the compliment a little politer.


‘you look great’ ‘

I had to come and say hi’ ‘

I thought you looked cool’

you look elegant today’ 

3. Acknowledge your limitations

This is step 2 in my ‘5 steps to say hello’ process and so important if there’s a ‘problem’ with your interaction i.e. she’s in a rush, you’re wearing your gym kit, you’re gatecrashing her lunch make sure you verbalise this with a quick ‘I know I’m gatecrashing but I just had to say…’ etc. Do this BEFORE your opening line and she’ll relax more knowing that you’re socially smart enough to have made her feel comfortable.

Good luck and get out there

Hayley x

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