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The Secret To Attraction: Please Follow This 5 Step Process

Do you struggle creating attraction?

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September 22, 2022
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I’ve heard one too many guys say: "I’m okay at talking to women who I’m not interested in, but when it comes to creating attraction with someone I like... she just never seems to be into me.What am I doing wrong? Is there something special about creating attraction with her that I’m missing?"

This question is exactly why I created my brand new programme "Attraction Point".  

There are far too many of you out there who are "okay" with women, and who with just a little tweak to your interactions, could see a landslide change in your results.

I want you to stop the unrewarding cycle of chasing her: I want her to be EXCITED to be with you.  

And the solution to this has nothing to do with...

  • Being more alpha
  • Being more "cocky/funny"
  • Teasing, banter...
I could go on but let’s keep this much simpler, and really break down the attraction process for her.  

1. Stop Any Chasing Behaviours Today

You need to stop thinking about how to get her. This could be double messaging, chasing her up for a date after she said "maybe" she'd be free this week. Or even thinking about what you need to PROVE to her about yourself to make her like you.  

Chasing women will NEVER get you the result you want. When you start to chase her, you create a major slip-up! Instead of bringing you towards your goal of being with this woman, what you’re actually communicating to her is "pick me, pick me!"  


I know it's hard to let go when you've met an attractive woman. Especially when she's given you (at least some) "good signs" but your dating success is bigger than any one interaction.So if you're in a bad habit of chasing up women who semi-agreed to date or who stopped replying on a dating app or who cooled off after your second date...  


2. Let go of your fear

NOT Chasing is scary because you will feel like you don't have any other options.But equally, when you do stop chasing, you communicate to her that you have OPTIONS.Yup, it sends a powerful signal to her that you believe other women want to meet you.  

And guess what? That's ATTRACTIVE!  

(Plus it's better for your personal motivation levels to not chase until the point you're burnt out.)  

3. Communicate Abundance

You need to wipe the slate clean. Interact with some new women, and start communicating ABUNDANCE to her from the get-go.Abundance simply means that you start interacting with her from day 1 like a man who has high self-worth, and a few dating options.  

Let me clarify what I mean by options. I don't mean you need to act like you're an outrageous player in a way that's disingenuous to you.  

By options, I mean that she believes other women would snap you up, and she feels good about herself that a guy who is as awesome as you, has chosen to focus on her.  

One of the simplest steps to get on the path to communicating in this confident, attractive way with women is to start to define your standards for her.  

Download and complete my "Standards" workbook on this! It's a great free resource for my newsletter subscribers and you can find it here.  

4. Develop Some Slick Communication Skills

Even if you're not even close to "abundance" yet, you need to start talking to women like you are.Small, simple changes in how you communicate with her will start to get you new results.  

When you get different results with women, your mindset will shift. You will become more confident, and more attractive. Suddenly the communication skills you learnt will become totally natural to you.  

The full video tutorial on 3 key phrases to say to women on your dates is now live, so hit pause on your work emails and watch it... it might just give you an edge on your date tonight.  

5. Let Her Know She's "The Chosen One"

What creates that spark of attraction for her is feeling like she’s been CHOSEN by a man who has OPTIONS.If you need any evidence of this you can go from 50 Shades of Grey to Cinderella and the plot line is the same. An incredible man chooses a woman.  

This is the ultimate romantic narrative for women. It makes them sigh as they’re reading a rom-com and wish they’d met a guy like that recently rather than all these other guys that don't meet her expectations.  

The irony is, I know what an incredible man you are, and by just making a few small changes to your communication skills she’s going to react to you so differently. It will blow your mind.  

But how, when you’ve not had the success you want with women, do you change how you're interacting with her?How after missing out on so many opportunities over the years do you really spark attraction with women?

Attraction Point

If you've read these 5 steps and you're fired up to change, my new programme "Attraction Point" leads you through a process to help her feel that attraction, and excitement, when she meets you.  

Taught through 6 core video modules and accompanying workbooks it will teach you how to:

  • Understand what it takes for her to feel really attracted to you.
  • Develop the communication skills you need to subtly show her that she’s qualifying herself to you, not the other way around.
  • What you need to say so she instantly "gets" why you could be a guy she dates.
  • How to use physical touch to gradually build attraction with her.
  • And a lot, lot more.

Find a full breakdown of my "Attraction Point" programme here. 

In "Attraction Point" I distil the coaching process that’s normally only available to my private clients. As the first course I've created in over 3 years it gives you access to my most up-to-date, sophisticated advice.I’ve put a lot of thought and care into producing a results-driven course for you. I know it will help you create real attraction with her, without compromising your personal integrity.  

I can’t wait to hear more of your success stories!!

 P.s. I have so much confidence that you’re going to love this course, I'm offering it with a 30-day refund guarantee, so you can buy it now and see just how well it works for you.

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