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What Turns Women On?

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May 11, 2015
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You may have found yourself wondering - what in the world turns women on? What pleases them and makes them happy on a date?As it can sometimes feel like the fairer sex has a wish list as long as their flowing locks when it comes to what they want from you...I've always believed that there are some straight-up BEHAVIOURS (not looks) that make a man hot to a woman.

So I took the streets of Shoreditch to ask 'What Turns Women On?'

What turns women on asking women on the streets

Today I have been wandering around interviewing women about what turns them on. Unfortunately, it didn't go too sexy today.I did get some amazing pointers on what dating behaviours women are attracted to.

You might be surprised by some answers and find some of them quite obvious!

Here's the video of my results, let me know what you think:

What do women find highly attractive? Hayley finds the answers by asking women for their opinions

What did we learn?

Women like a decisive man who knows what he's doing when he's on a date with them. That judges the situation carefully, that takes his time to connect with them. And of course has great shoes! How obvious!

So apart from getting your butts down to cells to make sure that your footwear is up to scratch, remember that it's not the fancy restaurant that counts. It's the great conversation that you have over that coffee.

I will be back in the second part of this video talking about I think the more interesting bit which is what puts women off of you. So make sure you tune in for that one next week

In the meantime head to Hayley Quinn for tons more advice on my blog and my fantastic membership area where I save all of my best videos for.

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