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Power Play In Dating

Earlier this week I was a guest one The Emma Guns Podcast where Emma and I discussed the power play in dating. We talked about the rules such as you shouldn’t text for x amount of time and all that…

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the spark

The Spark and How to Find Lasting Love

This week on Keeping it Real: Conversations with Jillian Michaels I talk about the ever discussed SPARK. What is it? Is it important? And if it is- why? And finally how could you make sure that a momentary spark becomes…

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5 Hacks To Have Limitless Conversations With Her

Today I’m going to teach you 5 simple conversation hacks that make talking to women, so much easier! I don’t want you to experience the stress of running out of things to say, and feeling that your dates are failing because…

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Love Being Alone

20 Things To Love About Being Alone!

  This month I’ve been honoured to be co-hosting the Jillian Michael’s podcast (if you don’t know her she has abs of steel, and is a legend within the fitness industry). We talked about crazy relationships and finding a way…

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Emotionally Unavailable Men

Attracting Emotionally Unavailable Men? What YOU Need To Change

  We’ve all spent an afternoon googling, ‘signs he’s a narcissist,’ and, ‘why do I emotionally unavailable men’. You’ve told friends your love life is ‘crazy’ and you’ve shrugged, ‘you couldn’t make this stuff up’. But here is where I need you…

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dating photos

Not Matching With The Men You Want Online? Let’s Talk Dating Photos

What do you associate with online dating? Frustration? Lack of motivation? An emotionally draining experience? Feeling you are not matching with any men you might like? Thinking online dating might not be for you? And how about your dating photos? We…

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matches on dating apps

Not Getting Any Matches On Dating Apps?

If you’re not getting many (or ANY!) of the matches you want on dating apps, this blog is here to help you troubleshoot.  We all want to get back to meeting each other in real life: but for now, dating…

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how to tease

How to tease a woman over text

With the new year already shaping up to have more lockdowns, I want to make sure that you know how to keep the flirtation alive with women you’re meeting. Also how to master your messaging and to tease her! Are you…

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A very simple hack to boost self-esteem from a top London life coach

    This article is written by Nick Hatter     If I’m totally honest, I would say I loathed myself for many years.      The story I had made up was that I was just simply not good…

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Hayley is the UK’s leading dating coach. She has over 2 million views on her TED talk and over 100,000 YouTube subscribers. She is the spokesperson for Match, the world’s largest online dating platform. Hayley is a regular columnist for Cosmopolitan, and has appeared on TV shows ranging from BBC News to The Apprentice, to Celebs Go Dating. Her goal is to inspire men and women to learn to love dating.