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The Evolution- Vote for my game-changing approach to love

SXSW conference


Register to vote for me to speak on my new paradigm for love ‘The Evolution’ at the SXSW conference in 2017!


‘The Evolution’ wants you to stop playing ‘The Game’ and learning ‘The Rules’ and learn a new paradigm for love altogether.

I believe love can be more ‘female empowered’ in its orientation. To do this we need to pull apart the social beliefs, language and limitations of our old values. We need to actively question ‘does this really need to be the way it is?’ Love needs a new world order, an evolution of what has gone before.

My new game-changing approach is the frontier of love where feminist front lines intersect with the guerrilla ‘technology’ of pick up artists. It’s about the fight for freedom & equality for love as a concept.


  1. Is love as a paradigm inherently ‘male’ biased & patriarchal? How can we shift love as a model to make it more sophisticated, equitable & ‘evolved’?

  2. What untrue ‘myths’ and ‘common truths’ do we accept around love? Which one negatively affect our dating decision making?

  3. How does the language we use around love limit us? And how is it manipulated by internet marketing & advertising to exacerbate our fears?

Every vote counts so I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out to do this x


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