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"The Last First Date" by Hayley Quinn

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May 7, 2022
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Have you ever wondered what women find truly romantic? 

If you want to understand how women experience attraction, and desire you really need look no further than the world of romcoms. 

Whilst not all women (including myself) are romcom fans, in romcom books and movies you will learn the building blocks for romance. Of course I’m pretty fascinated by what makes people feel attracted and connected to one another, so when I was approached by Harper Collins to write a romcom I jumped at the chance.

In “The Last First Date” we meet bachelorette Helen Pines, who is longing for love, but held back by her own insecurities. 

In a twist of dating app fate she’s matched with the suave Brody (read his character closely, to learn about how to effectively message a woman!) and Helen thinks her prince has come… but life is never that simple.

The dating app crashes, and Helen loses her precious match, sending her on a quest to find Brody; but along the way will she find someone else who’s really The One? 

Reading “The Last First Date” I hope you’ll notice how I’ve woven in dating advice for both men and women to learn how to get better at meeting one another. 

(Just like I want the women of the world to understand what you have to offer, I send Helen on a similar journey of discovery about who really is “right” for her, and getting to know herself better in the process.) 

If you’re curious to take a read, or gift this novel to a woman in your life, then you can read a sample of “The Last First Date” here

Find all the places “The Last First Date” is stocked and how to get a digital copy here.

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