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Overcoming Barriers and Finding Success in Dating: A Testimonial

Dating can often be challenging, especially when you don’t feel well-equipped or confident enough to engage with it. Paul, a PhD student in his early 40s residing in Northern England, was one of my recent Academy graduates and kindly agreed…

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meet women in real life

How to meet women in real life (IRL) as a beginner

There are many reasons why you might find meeting women in real life hard: You don’t know what to say, you’re worried about looking creepy… But recently the one that’s stood out to me is: “…Am I too far behind…

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Scarcity mindset

Why Playfulness On Your Dates Is So Attractive: It Shows You Don’t Have A Scarcity Mindset!

You’ve probably heard dating coaches telling you that you need to be playful on your dates; at its core this is because being playful demonstrates to a woman that you don’t have a scarcity mindset with dating.  You’re abundant, confident…

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I'll let you know

The Perfect Response When She Says, “I’ll Let You Know.” 

You got her phone number, you finally psyched yourself out to ask her out, and she says, “I’ll let you know.” What does that really mean? Is that a rejection? Should you just move on? Or should you just be…

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struggling to approach her 2

Are You Struggling to Approach Women?

When you focus too much on what’s the “right” or “best” opener, 99% of the time you will get so caught up (okay, worried) about having the perfect line that you will struggle to approach her.  Compounded over weeks, months…

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alpha male

Steal These 4 Alpha Male Skills!  

The Harvard Business Review describes “alpha males” as: Bold, self-confident, and demanding, alpha males get things done.  Look, I’m a dating coach (and definitely not an evolutionary biologist) but this alpha male thing has always got a “hmmmm” out of…

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3 Simple Exercises to have Better Conversations with Women.

I know many of you out there will worry about what to talk about on your dates: Will there be awkward silences? Will you burn through the best of your chat? What does she want to talk about?!  I also…

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confidence group conversations

How To Exude Confidence In Group Conversations: 3 Tips

Being excluded from a group conversation sucks: Particularly when you’re trying hard to make a connection with a woman that you like… As a dating coach I’ve helped thousands of men, in a practical and hands on way, to be…

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confidence group conversations

3 Subtle Signals she wants you to ask her out

If you want to meet more women right now, I bet you’re looking for signals that she’s interested in you.  But signals can be confusing, perhaps you’re worried that…  You’re missing opportunities by not noticing her signals.  You just don’t…

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