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3 winter date ideas you won’t have thought of

Use the magic of snow on your date

Winter has some things going for it: log fires, the birth of baby Jesus, and roast chicken… but sexy date ideas can be a bit thin on the ground. And woe beside you if you decide to take her to a generic bar or coffee shop on your date. You can do better than that!

So here are a few ideas for winter date 1, 2, and 3…

Winter Date 1…

You’re just getting to know one another so let’s keep this first date casual and low pressure. There’s nothing wrong with heading to a coffee shop for a hot chocolate or a bar for some pinot…but make sure it’s not a chain. If possible take her somewhere that she’s never been before.

Also, include a walk and talk. Doing an activity helps everyone to relax and for a conversation to flow better. If the weather sucks bring an umbrella or an extra hat for her!

If this was a date from online also anything quirky and thoughtful that makes your date NON-GENERIC will help. For eg. if she says she’s into board games bring travel scrabble! If she loves cupcakes swing by a bakery shop…you get the idea. This isn’t about just impressing her it’s about you doing something that squarely says I AIN’T YOUR AVERAGE GUY, LADY.

Winter Date 2…

If you got on well on date one now it’s time for something more ambitious. Winter markets, fairs, or anything seasonal will be a memorable shout (that said I’ve heard several reports of ice skating ending in a hospital visit, so in case one of you has the grace of a newborn antelope on ice, you might wanna leave that one).

For dinner again think SEASONAL. This doesn’t have to be one big, unsexy roast but, tons of restaurants in big metropolis’s will ‘pop up’ just for winter, or go in for an alpine theme. Again, if she hasn’t been there before if you can suggest she tries something from the menu – good.

Winter Date 3…

Ok so you definitely like each other and seeing as you’ve been thinking of physically making a move for a while now, it’s all good to invite her around. Watching a movie, or cooking her dinner, is a little passe though so how about you create an indoors-nic. This is a super cool idea where (if possible) you chuck a log on the fire/ screensaver on your LED, a rug on the floor, light some candles and makes picnic food for indoors.

Novelty, originality and thought will all work well with you here. Just a word to the wise though you may be absolutely dying to have sex with her by this stage DO NOT make the date about that. If you get on well, you’re flirting, you’re somewhere private it will probably just happen; but nothing will kill the passion faster than an overly keen guy who screams ‘I haven’t had a woman in this house in years!’

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