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5 things that make politicians sexy

Sexy authority

May 7, 2015
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Sexy authority

Of all the things we expected from the general election women finding Ed Miliband sexy wasn't one of them. Who would know that modern-day politicians would be so hot?

So what tips can you learn from Ed, David and Nick (not to mention that utter fox Obama) that make you seem fit to the fairer sex?

1. Being 'statesmanly'

If you watch politicians giving speeches you will get a mini masterclass in body language: assertive but also open. And as we know from the long line of lust towards DJs/ rockstars etc ... something about being in front of a crowd (even at the Conservative Party conference) gives added sex appeal.

2. Grey hair

If you think growing older makes you 'unsexy' think again. When the new wave of Ed Milliband fever hit it was all down to his silver fox status... (well he's definitely on his way) so looking 'distinguished' is no bad thing. Politicians and grey (ok silver) hair are a recipe for success.

3. Doing laundry

Every male UK politician (except some of the evil ones) has posed in his family kitchen and talked about how he shares family chores. Why? Because they believe the female voters would love a guy who knows his way around the Fairy Liquid. Whilst women may not quite be that simple... equality is definitely hot. Just check out the #heforshe campaign.

So if you think a woman's place is in the kitchen you may be left scrubbing the dishes alone.

Great relationships are partnerships and guys who create that with the women in their lives, are the ones who really make us swoon.

4. Keeping their promises

'Cleggmania' descended upon us five years ago only to be obliterated by Nick not maintaining his promise about tuition fees... the result 'Cleggnausea' - so don't underestimate the power of INTEGRITY (saying what you'll do, and doing what you say) as having serious sex appeal.

5. Passion.

Not for the woman in their lives in a 'tear your clothes off' kinda way but just straight-up passion for a cause. I find that all the guys I follow on Instagram these days are some kind of modern warrior... eco-warrior, travelling warriors, rock star warriors. A guy who seems like he knows where he's going has a strong identity and something other than meeting women that he's passionate about = PURE SEX (to me anyway!)

So if you want to get her vote (sorry, terrible pun #2 couldn't resist) make sure that you have integrity, passion and apparently the occasional grey... and for extra tips visit my Hayley Quinn Club!

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