Are nightclubs a good place to meet women?

And the answer is…. it depends what your goals are and what kind of woman you want to attract.

If I represent late 20s career woman nightclubs generally get a big thumbs down for the following reasons:

1. Music too loud

hard to communicate and dancing to ‘Anaconda’ makes me feel like on some level I endorse it.

2. Too many people

Really. I’m an introvert at heart and being shoved (whilst wearing high heels which create balance issues anyway) is problematic.

3. I’m getting old and I’ve got work in the morning.

Squeezing in the work before I bounce #vegas #entrepreneur #self

Really! So if you want to meet a miserable, business woman, grandma like me you better look away now! But nightclubs are a very valid place to look if you’re at a stage in your life when the thought of:

a. Meeting lots of young and enthusiastic people.

b. Dancing until 4am (& then finding an after party).

c. Meeting women who you connect with more over a vodka based cocktail with a sparkler in it.


And hey we’ve all had that stage! If this is YOU then your ends fit your means. Want to party and have fun casual relationships- this is where your target market is hanging out! Want to find a super high quality girlfriend… not so much.

Now if nightclubs make sense for your goals there are a few logistics to get sorted out before you attempt their regular usage.

1. Style & dress sense.

You know I hate seeing this as I’m so anti- appearance orientated stuff but we can’t deny nightclubs are superficial places so get your style on point to avoid being turned away at the door.

2. Hook ups.

If it’s a fancy place then they’ll often be operating some kind of strict door policy to keep it smart and getting in without an ‘in’ can be problematic. And trust me from personal experience of one too many arguments with bitchy female bouncers you don’t want that hassle if you can avoid it. If you’re UK Based I always use Vesper Black to ensure me and my clients get in smoothly to the best clubs; it’s run by a very old friend of mine who I really trust. #supperclub #amsterdam

You can look them up here.

3. An ability to start saying ‘hi’

the second you walk through the door. This is where I come in 🙂 walking around in circles by yourself in a nightclub can make you appear predatory or lonely. A nightclub is like a big fish tank and you have to be conscious of what values you’re communicating through your body language etc. Nightclubs aren’t the best places to hold conversations but demonstrating social confidence by engaging with people around you is important.

To enter groups and win women over in nightclubs you need trust to be established so don’t be ‘that guy’ at the bar who’s not having fun (just go meet girls in a grocery store instead!)

Because when it comes to meeting women successfully you have to be true to yourself and stick to your own personal goals.

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