summer mixer

Are you ready for Summer Mixer?

CO-ED Party!

I am super excited to announce a new Summer Mixer event!

But also a ton of new benefits to being a member of my private Hayley Quinn Club!

Summer Mixer a great chance to ask women everything and anything about what they’re really thinking about dating.

This isn’t MATCHMAKING this is a great insight into female psychology. As well as a chance for women to get to understand men better too.

At the Hayley Quinn Club mixer, we break down the wall between men and women. We create a platform for open dialogue to happen between the two clubs, where we learn from each other and gain insight into what the opposite sex is thinking… and perhaps a little more?

Let’s break some walls down!

To be eligible to come you have to be a Hayley Quinn Club Member. Join HERE to make sure you never miss a party with us!

summer mixer

Summer Party!

What can you expect?

Besides a great time, come ready to:

  • play speed dating games
  • get access all areas insight into the psychology of the opposite sex
  • chance to ask Hayley your questions
  • catch up with the HQ team

About Hayley Quinn Club

  • Access to premium courses
    • Attraction loophole
    • Fail-proof approach
    • More
  • Private Q&A with HQ Team
  • Weekly videos
  • Access to HQ Vault with 50+ hours of educational content – learn at your own pace, acting as a coach in your pocket
  • Can hit up HQ Club Female to get advice and perspective
  • Access to the mastermind community of guys with similar mindsets and goals
  • Access to networking events

Join now and get the chance to learn the importance of dialogue, co-education, and co-creation of relationships.

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