body language breakdown

Body Language Breakdown

Dating did the right way

Today we are learning dating in a lovely and feminist way. How to get much better in your interactions with women. Doing so from understanding them better, empathising with them, and also learning how to approach and begin conversations. And the first step in doing so is giving you a body language breakdown.


Natural body language reader

Some people have an instinct to read other’s character very easily. I understand that’s something that doesn’t come to many people. It doesn’t, which is you might be sat there thinking, Well, I find it hard to tell when a girl is showing interest in me. I find it difficult and clumsy to prove what I’m interested in her In fact, awkward and almost creepy for doing it. And I definitely don’t know how to sexualize interaction that feels even worse.

Some people get the subtlety of social interactions or are socialising in a way that makes it easier. For some people, this is not the case. My job is to help break down what makes that interaction smooth into small learnable and manageable steps.


No perfect line


So often, you might think you want to know the perfect line or the perfect conversation. First of all, there isn’t a perfect line nor a perfect conversation. A conversation is like a dance- you get a piece of input and you respond to it. It’s all in the response and the ability to listen. And because there are the so many variables involved, it’s so much better to focus on the skills of how to deal with that then having a perfect script.

The bits of body language that people forget is because they’re not conscious and aware of them. There are all these giveaways. You can be sat with the most alpha body language, but if your hands are showing tension, or they’re balling up, or you’re fidgeting with something, or you’re moving your hands across your body, there’ll be told that you’re not comfortable.


Your nervous body language gives you away

Often when I see men approaching women their hands are in fists as they’re doing it because they feel the tension and it’s expressing itself. And there is a relationship as well, a very, very strong relationship between the mind and the body. So if you can control the body, you actually can influence the mind as well. So you might feel tense and prove it. But if you can open up your body language and by that I mean stand a little bit wider than your hips. If you can roll your shoulders back, turn your palms outward, so your palms are open, your hands are away from your body, you want to even have your head elevated beyond neutral position.

Now in this space, you should actually start to feel a bit more confident and a bit more aware. And when you do that, you start to relax and feel better. So you can work it the other way around. So, you can actually reverse your thinking and go well, I’m going to express this through my body. And that will help to change how you feel.


How to deal with nerves?

A good example of this is before we were going into exams everyone was like tense, right? Tense because you’re worried. Or before a job interview. So what do you do? You sit very rigid, your body language is symmetrical, you show tension, you may be clenching your jaw, your hands are not moving, they’re folded in front of you’re resting on your lap. And that tension actually makes things worse whether you’re going into an exam or an interview, or about to go on a date.

If you can focus on making your body language asymmetrical, relaxed, as wide as possible without looking ridiculous. Show that little subtle change. It could mean that one of your arms is on the table, the other one is down behind you on the back of the chair. Asymmetry and relaxed body language will not only read to her how comfortable you are in your social situation, but you will actually start to feel more comfortable.

Don’t do things for the benefit of the other person because we don’t know what they’re like, we don’t know what they want, do things for the benefit of you. And that body language will make a strong difference.

Hayley x


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