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Hayley Quinn is joined in this episode by Johnny Berba – once known for his ability to approach women on the street (and document it on his YouTube), Johnny, a reformed lady’s man explains:

  • How sleeping with lots of women doesn’t bring you happiness

  • Authentic ways to express yourself with women

  • What happens after you have everything you want?


The interview

Welcome to the Attraction HQ podcast. My name is Hayley Quinn. And I’m here to take an axe to all of our currently held views around dating, sex, love and relationships. All in the name of helping you guys get to space where you’re going to make changes in your life, which will get you where you want to be with dating, sex and relationships.

We’re here today to talk to you about the big leavers that can affect change in your life. For the first time on this podcast, we don’t have a set plan. I’ve been joined by the artist formerly known as Johnny Berber. Johnny and I go back many years for doing a YouTube video together.

Since then Johnny has become really well known for helping guys on YouTube, and in his coaching, to overcome their social anxieties, and get great at approaching women along the way. Also, Johnny and I have had a few overlaps knowing the same people. What we both experienced last year, was realising that we were faking it, putting across a false personality and identity completely by accident.

And then Johhny had to go through some dramatic life-changing events that changed his DNA. The best analogy I heard about this was its change needs to come. But it’s super easy to ignore those signals, the first rumbles of it. You ignore it, put it off, and then suddenly, a storm comes into your life. And you can’t bloody ignore the fact that you’re on the wrong path anymore. You suddenly have to deal with it. And it’s epic. So you said that Johnny?



I think Johnny Berber is dead.



I was gonna say that but wondered if I should and if it was too dramatic?



The archetype people know me by, that’s gone.  I am my true authentic self, where before it was part of authentic self part putting on a mask. Because I was very insecure about abuse I suffered from when I was younger. I wasn’t aware of it until years later. I thought I was confident but I was very insecure. And I want the guys to know that.



I’m really insecure as well I’d like to add. I was thinking this morning- I’m neurotic, anxious and insecure as a person.

Today we are going to listen to a bit of Johnny’s story. One of the reasons we decided to do this is you might look at guys on YouTube, or me and you think these guys have got it sorted. They’re complete rock stars, they just do what they want. They’re so confident. And that might make you feel a bit inadequate or not good enough. We’re here to deconstruct all of that.

We’re all human beings, we all suffer. We all go through stuff. And we all have pain in our past that we have to deal with, and that there’s no artifice here. So what brought about this big change?



Yeah, to be honest, for many years I was too ashamed to talk about. I was hiding it and protecting myself from looking at it. And I never realised that the way my dad treated me was really affects my rationships. I was unkind to women. Very domineering. I was overly sensitive. I was quite unkind to women and through my relationships.

So I was a great teacher and when I was teaching I was a saint. I was lovely. I was congruent. But in my own personal life, I was really struggling by and I didn’t want to tell anyone about it.



What did you mean by being unkind?



Just taking alpha male thing too extreme, too domineering and just forgetting other’s emotions. I became too arrogant. And I thought I was doing the right thing. I believed this is what women want. And to some extent, some women do. But in the long run, women don’t actually want that. And I lost everyone when I was with. Most women didn’t want to stay with me for a long time or I ruined the relationship before they could do it to me. I was cheating all the time.



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