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Does changing the clothes change the woman?

October 27, 2014
▪ 1 mins read

Social Experiment (Video)

I've ALWAYS wanted to know if men would react differently if I dressed differently. To find out if changing the clothes changes the women, I did a little social experiment. 

I road-tested this theory by dressing in 3 different outfits and pretending to be a damsel in distress... watch this video for some really interesting results!

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What did changing the clothes achieve?

Remember whilst its true guys do like women who are:

  • Fashionable (just like how you may like a man who knows how to dress in a way that suggests he has his life in some vague order the same goes in reverse)
  • Feminine (yes depressing but true men are SUCKERS for high heels and feminine dresses. It must be genetic)
  • Visible. Unique = beautiful so standing out in a room (or at least in your group of girlfriends) is important.

I always think it's important to dress for YOU because let's face it there will always be someone who thinks you dress terribly but good riddance to them!

I think if you dress like YOUR (best) SELF in a way that shows you care about you and know who you are, that makes you smile when you catch your reflection there is nothing sexier...

There is no other way to be and no better way of attracting the guys who are down with your vibe.

Hayley x

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