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Get the London look: A few key clothing items for dating success

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March 12, 2012
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Style is important to women. I can’t stress enough that looks are not the be-all and end-all of attraction with women. In fact, women are attracted to a wide variety of factors. Personally I’ve gone out with guys who are all different shapes and sizes! What is important though, not only for attracting women but also for feeling good about you is to take care of your style and grooming. And there is definitely something about getting and maintaining the London look!

You don’t have to be Ryan Gosling, but taking care of yourself tells the world that you care about you. You have self-esteem (and hygiene!) going for you which suggests your life is an attractive one that women would want to join in on.

Having a great style

Great styling can:

  • Improve your confidence when approaching
  • Buy you extra time and attention during your initial approach
  • Create the right impression
  • Tell the world about you

Because of this, I’ve roped in an old friend and top stylist Sarah from Sartorialab to work with me.

Sarah is a personal stylist and a personal shopper for men as well as our go-to stylist for me. Here is some advice she gave to our clients!

London look

When you’re dating you have just a few seconds to make a great first impression. 90% of dating profiles are judged purely on their photos!!

Wearing a well fitted, well-styled clothes on your date will do wonders for you. WHY?

  • It will give you the confidence and confidence is attractive!
  • Women notice well-dressed men
  • It looks like the date is important to you and give a “sense of occasion”
  • Shows that you love and respect yourself. We all know that you have to love yourself before you can love someone else!

London look do’s and don’ts

DO make sure your clothes fit well

You do not have to invest tons of money in your wardrobe. As long as you choose good and flattering fits you will look well kept and more attractive. If you like a certain piece of clothing but it does not fit you well it might be worth investing in a good tailor.

DON’T wear bright logo t-shirts

We all own logo t-shirts. it can be a company logo, our favourite bend, or even high fashion t-shirt with a huge logo on the front. Whatever it is, keep it for any other occasion but your date. If you want to impress her, opt for a smart shirt.

DO pay attention to your shoes

Have a pair of your favourite, comfortable trainers you wear everywhere? It might be time to retire them and invest in a variety of footwear. Having a smart, dress shoes that go with the majority of your wardrobe is always a good way to achieve that London look.

DON’T be sloppy with your grooming

I cannot stress enough how important it is to maintain a good grooming habit. You can do this in a couple of simple steps such as keeping your nails nice and short, your beard trimmed (or completely shaved off), your hair nicely styled and for the extra effect- add a bit of cologne!

DO wear soft tactile fabrics

London is a fashion megacity and choosing what to buy in terms of clothes can be confusing. When in doubt always opt for quality fabric soft to touch!

DON’T mix very smart with very casual

It is more than alright to have some level of mixing between smart and casual clothes (hint- smart casual style). Make sure you don’t wear your gym clothes with a pair of smart shoes and a coat. Always have things to cover the sliding scale within smart/casual.

DO finish your outfit with accessories      

Putting on a nice watch, sunglasses, or even a shawl should never be an issue for you. Be bold and go strong!

If you want to discover how a few tweaks to your personal style can help you make the best first impression possible then chat to Sarah to see how you can quickly transform your style today.

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