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Great dates explained

March 18, 2016
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First date easy wins

The exciting topic of the day is easy wins on the first date. This basically means if you constantly getting the feedback that she didn't feel the spark or that you're just the friend, you might be surprised it isn't you're walking around with a label on your forehead that says friend zone. It has more do with your behaviour towards her on the day. And we want to do give you easy ways to step into the masculine zone and evoke those feelings of femininity and spark within her. Great dates will be a done deal!

Great dates- the interview

Joining me today is the lovely Shioban. She is a total babe, glorious and radiant. She is also a matchmaker for Cupid in the City meaning that she sits down with people listening to them. And based on what she perceives about them, she goes out into the world and finds them a really good match. So she knows people. She knows dates because she advises on that too. I'm super excited to have her with us today. We are lucky.


Sometimes guys don't go for the courteous, romantic, gentlemanly behaviour, because you've been told that it's weak. Or that it makes them a pussy. Women won't like them or they just walk all over them. And in fact, they miss out on creating the magic or creating the spark by not.For women to see you in a romantic context, you need to put on some romance. So from the very getgo, you know that romance doesn't have to be turning up with a bunch of roses. Or one in your mouth. It's subtle, the right thing to start with. And that starts with chivalry.

I went on this date, and I'm gonna bring this up again. So this was what with somebody who was involved in the hip hop world. Not the person you would think to be chivalrous, right? In fact, the opposite. A couple of things that are easy wins that you guys can steal to use on your date, he sent me a message saying meet me for coffee tomorrow. So the first investment was something that was just daytime, which allowed us to get to know one another. Later on, he found out that I was flying out of LA that very night and he moved his schedule around. He then sent Uber to pick me up and took me to a restaurant that was really close to the airport so that we can have a couple of hours together before my flight. His friend owned the restaurant. So he'd looked up what to order ahead of time. He picks the best dishes off the menu and then put me in a cab to the airport.


Wow. That's what you call a considerate guy. And that's what women are looking for- someone who's considered. If you turn around and say to a woman, you live in Shepherds Bush. So you want her to come to Shepherds Bush to meet you straightaway. The woman's going to be annoyed at the fact that she's got to come on your doorstep to meet you. You've got to, first of all, meet her at least halfway.



As you grow up, as a woman, your self-esteem improves. You start going, Hang on a second, this doesn't look like the right basis for something that has quality and partnership.And come on guys! You want a woman who's going to want to equally invest in the relationship, right?


And equally, if a woman expects you to come right to her doorstep, you're right to say she's not very considerate, and a little bit selfish in her behaviour. So one thing to think about is the location that's going to be convenient. Sending the Uber is a winner. I always tell my guys, especially when it is a weekday day- she's got to go to work. She's not going to want to come in work clothes and work makeup that has been on from the morning. She wants to go home, freshen up, shower, put the fresh makeup on, feel sexy. You want her to feel and look sexy, and you need to cut a bit of time. She doesn't need to go on the tube tonight. Spend that 10, 15 pounds on Uber. It's only 10 quid well spent. Especially when you can get the executive Uber, which is really impressive.

The rest of the Great Dates Explained interview can be found on the link below!

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