Hayley Quinn HQ Academy Training Programme

Alan won a golden ticket to the Hayley Quinn HQ Academy Training Programme, here he tells us about his history with women & what he hopes to achieve going forward with HQ Academy.

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Over the last ten years I have become a more content individual. I have never been specifically target driven, although that doesn’t make me a drifter. I’m the type that believes in where I’m going, who respects that it may take some time to get there.

My dating experiences have been limited in some respects. I’ve always really just met girls from online. I have met plenty of females in real life, however dating has always really been online geared for me, maybe because I’ve never been a social butterfly.  I’m not the type to hang around bars, certainly not anymore. I did attend some meet-ups in bars in past years and met one or two girls, which wasn’t too bad, but I was never into the nightclub stuff attached to it. I’ve always been an introvert, that is something I am comfortable with. I guess that’s the best thing about me.  I know myself well, better than anyone and the one thing that gets me through it all is my own peace of mind.

Some of my friends/family have sometimes spoke of me as quite confident, one who’s never bothered about anything. In truth I am actually quite a nervous person, although perhaps I hide it well. I suffer from anxiety and often over think things like many people in the world.  When I do something I have to have a thorough understanding and undertake it from start to finish. I don’t really do the middle ground like most people. I’m all or nothing.

So the Hayley Quinn HQ Academy Training Programme has launched. I have to admit going in I am a little skeptical. At 30, I’ve got some life experience and I’m quite opinionated. However, I’m going into this hoping to learn, hoping to develop, hoping to build myself socially. I’m not coming at this purely from a dating perspective, but from the want to become a more rounded and socially active man.

I love my alone time but if I can build a better social circle and be able to date the women of my choice, I feel it can only help build my personal value and make me feel even better about life. I’ve had a glance through the upcoming schedule and at this stage I am wondering what I will learn. I think the exercises could be challenging, interesting and perhaps take me outside my comfort zone. That said, I am willing to give it a go and step out of my little bubble for the next twelve weeks. I’m going to try and apply myself and see if this thing really can take me somewhere.  I’m under no illusions; I’m not one of these people that think one thing can radically change my life and if it doesn’t I’ll throw the toys out the pram at the end.  I’m prepared to take the long road to get to where I want to be.  It’s only a couple of days to kick off so as this experiment is about to bubble I’m wondering if there might be some fun explosions along the way!

Go to for more details about what you can achieve through the Academy.

Love Hayley x

Hayley Quinn HQ Academy Training Programme

Hayley Quinn HQ Academy Training Programme

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