girls out of your league

How to date girls out of your league?

Feeling a bit over your head?

If you want to date hot girls that are out of your league – may be several girls at a time?? – then you are in the right place to find out the true way to do that…

And it begins by turning how you’re seeing meeting women upside down. You’ve got it all wrong! And I’m sorry if someone has told you otherwise.

Girls out of your league

1. Who decides who goes in what league? I need you to first understand that you’re giving the women all the power. They only have their status because this is how you view the situation.

2. You view it this way (probably) because you’re just judging on looks alone. Looks are subjective and when selecting a guy as her ideal partner that’s not going to be the primary criteria she’s judging why are you?

3. Value yourself more! So what if you don’t look like a Clavin Klein model? Prize the fact that you’re smart, funny or kind instead.

4. Look for more from her. Lots of women are hot- seek to find one you connect with personally as well so that admiration is reciprocal.

5. Stop looking to take. Like you want to have sex with hot women because it will make you feel good- in this mindset you nearly always feel sh*tty about what you’re doing. Instead, seek to leave the women you meet in a place where they’ve ended up better off from meeting you: whether that’s because you made them smile, we’re upfront with them, or got to know them on a level they hadn’t been known on before.

Two-way street

As ever get your mindset right and the technique is EASY. No matter what, remember that every relationship is a two-way street. A two-way process and communication. Yes, there might be some parts in which one of you will be better or have more, but with a proper mindset, there will never be such thing as girls out of your league.

If you want to talk to me personally on my message boards about this then check out the Hayley Quinn Club – you’ll have tons of opportunities to pick my brains (and let me re-wire yours!)

Hayley Quinn

Hayley Quinn is an internationally recognised dating coach and founder of the UK’s largest dating coaching company. She has over 2 Million views on her TED talk and over 100,000 YouTube subscribers.

She is the spokesperson for Match, the biggest online dating platform in the world. She has been featured on BBC1, Sky and Channel 4 and is a regular columnist for Cosmopolitan and a contributor to yahoo!style.

Her first fiction book “The Last First Date” has been published by Harper Collins and her non-fiction book “Do This Not That” (Simon & Schuster) is due for publication in early 2023.

Her goal is to bridge the gap with modern dating and help inspire people to learn to love dating.

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